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Today the Ukraine IT industry is one of the largest and most progressive fields. Moreover, this is one of the few industries which works and actively develops even during the war.

At the end of 2021, the number of specialists hired in Ukraine reached 250 thousand people. This is 24% more than a year earlier. In the same year, the IT industry showed a 20% growth and gained more than the US $6 billion. 

The IT sector Ukraine has shown superb results for the past few years as a fast-growing industry with passionate, educated, and results driven specialists.

Did you know that Ukraine got to 5th place globally for IT outsourcing and suppressed $5 billion in IT services exports?


So Why is the IT Industry in Ukraine Worth Paying Attention to?

  • The IT Ukraine Association represents about 100 leading companies with 75,000 professional IT members, which has become a nearshore haven for Western companies seeking skilled personnel, particularly software development and programming. Separate studies have found that the IT industry in Ukraine grew from 0.06% of GDP in 2013 to 3.3% in 2018, with talented IT professionals emerging through universities and government schemes.


  • In 2020, it was over 8.5%, with an average growth rate of 1.9%. It affects overlap, which ensures a stable number of graduates. 20 000 new specialists graduate from Ukrainian IT faculties every year.


  • Strong skill sets and expertise in the most popular platforms and coding languages: Ukraine developers enjoy robust local communities for PHP, Java, JavaScript, Net, and many other technologies. Programmers who specialize in more obscure languages can also be easily found.


Why Should you Choose to Hire a Remote Team in Ukraine Now?

These days, due to the problematic situation in our country, there are a few crucial reasons why hiring a remote team in Ukraine is the best decision for your business. 


  1. Easier to Find Specific Specialists

During the war in Ukraine, many potential employees are still working in the IT field in Ukraine or abroad. What is amazing is that despite the war, many IT developers are still situated in Ukraine to work for their country to support the economy. 

The trade association’s own research reveals that about 70% of IT professionals are still working in “safe” regions of Ukraine, with about 16% of the IT workforce, many of them women, stationed abroad. About 2% of IT professionals have joined the armed forces, while 5% have volunteered to assist with cybersecurity efforts and the support of critical national infrastructure.

It’s extremely important to support the Ukrainian economy to fight Russian aggression and help to rebuild the country.


  1. Stable Internet Access 

Ukraine puts a considerable effort into keeping stable internet access for everybody because it is important to get in touch not only with families but with employers from other countries, so it won’t be a problem to stay connected with your team. 

Moreover, the banking system is also doing great, so all the international payments are successful. Ukraine gives all the opportunities for IT specialists to do successful jobs like before the war. 


  1. Level of Experience

Even before the war, the IT industry in Ukraine increased a lot for the past few years, which means that Ukrainian IT developers have a lot of experience working with foreign companies. Most IT developers in Ukraine have a plummy portfolio working with Western markets and show great results when cooperating with sophisticated projects. 

Also, more than 50% of IT developers have Intermediate English skills, and more than 25% speak Upper-Intermediate level. So the way to hire a team in Ukraine has become easier.


  1. Chance to Find the Best Team Today

Due to the war, a lot of companies are closed, and the IT sector in Ukraine is filled with free employees who are looking for a job and prefer to work remotely; hence lots of IT specialists are looking for the chance to work for foreign countries (as you know, the IT talent gap in the world is still growing, so this is a good opportunity for foreign companies to get skilled professionals). So to hire a remote team in Ukraine became more accessible and faster. You can hire your couple in Ukraine, from junior and senior developers to marketing professionals and project managers who are also open to new opportunities. 


  1. You Make Ukraine Stronger

When you hire a remote team in Ukraine, you make a considerable investment in development and support of the Ukrainian economic system. That means helping us to fight against Russian aggression and make our people more robust. Working with Ukrainian developers brings to your business an opportunity to grow faster and at the same time helps to rebuild our country. Even during the hard times for Ukraine, our specialists are more motivated than ever to work hard and create strong relationships with foreign companies. 


Have No Experience in Recruiting? It is Time to Hire an Outsourcing Development Company in Ukraine

There is a long list of software development outsourcing providers, including multinational companies, with their offices and affiliated branches spread all across Ukraine, like Qubit Labs. Because of such a high range of experienced developers, hiring a remote team in Ukraine can be hard and exhausting, especially without knowledge of the specific recruiting market in Ukraine. That’s what offshore development companies can help you with. We are searching for you the most diligent and experienced developers with excellent soft and hard skills. 

Qubit Labs has great experience hiring developers not only in Ukraine but in the nearest countries, which increases the chances of finding the right developers for your business. 

Despite hiring people from other countries, if the company is registered in Ukraine, all the taxes are paid in Ukraine as well, which helps to support a stable economic situation in the country. 


Hire Top-Rated Developers with Qubit Labs Now to Open New Business Opportunities 

Qubit Labs is an offshore software development company with huge experience in hiring IT specialists and maintaining dedicated teams not only in Ukraine but also in other promising outsourcing locations. We use our deep knowledge and global connections to provide you with the most forward-thinking, adaptable and driven software development team for your project. 

With Qubit Labs you will get a great experience cooperating with diligent and hard-working developers who put your business on a higher level. 

Hiring developers in Ukraine is not only about result-driven and passionate people but massive investment in Ukrainian economic development and growth. It’s essential for us to support our economy and develop it. 

Hire in Ukraine – Save Our People, Make Us Stronger! 




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