How to Hire Remedy Developer

How to Hire Remedy Developer

BMC Software is a Houston-based company, being one of the largest independent software development organizations in the world. Their flagship product, or enterprise IT service solution, BMC Remedy, is used by most Fortune 100 Companies and is one of the most sought after IT service management tools. That’s impressive, right?

Having a Remedy developer in your team is a forward-looking decision, which will make you competitive on the market. BMC Software invests a lot in their R&D centers, so their products are of high quality and they always come up with innovations in the area. Qubit Labs is here to delve into the question of Remedy development, including programmers’ salaries and jobs.

What is Remedy Development?

The BMC Remedy platform allows you to implement all the main ITIL services and processes integrated on the basis of a single CMDB and development platform. The platform is well adapted for mobile devices with an intuitive, modern user interface. As we have already mentioned, BMC Remedy is referred to as a product, which it actually isn’t. When talking about it, people usually refer to one of the following:

  • BMC Remedy Action Request System

This is a system for rapid prototyping; a platform where you can build your own enterprise applications. It’s Java-based, and the company has many applications developed with this system. The most popular app is the BMC ITSM Suite. It’s crucial to point out that it’s not a programming language, but a development framework.

One can compare it to Lego: a BMC Remedy developer can build whatever one wants, but he/she is limited to the blocks one has. In case a programmer needs something unique that can’t be created with ready-made blocks, a Remedy developer will have to stick to one’s own instructions rather than those that are already available, and be creative. To achieve that, one should “go outside” Remedy and utilize “real” programming languages.

A great benefit of this solution is that it is self-documenting, meaning that reverse engineering code that was written by a certain programmer could be easily understood by another.

What is also associated with the mentioned concept is BMC Remedy developer studio. It’s an integrated development environment in the referred system. It uses perspectives to organize windows into layouts. There, one can work in two perspectives, namely developer and editor. BMC Remedy developer studio has a powerful and easy-to-use interface, which also provides all the application development functions, like server administration.

  • BMC ITSM Suite

The IT Service Management Solution is built on the mentioned BMC Remedy Action Request System. It consists of Incident, Problem, Change, Service Request, Asset Management, CMBD, Knowledge Management, and Service Level Agreements. Besides, it allows a Remedy developer not only to manage the IT Service Desk, but also go beyond IT processes, using it to manage data in HR, Legal, or Finance. The tool supports integration with all the applications and tools, like SAP, Oracle, or monitoring solutions that are based on C/Java APIs, SOAP Web Services, or LDAP.

Thanks to the release of new versions, you can bring your existing solution to modern technology. This enables Remedy application development, which allows you to focus on what you want to do rather than ask yourself about “how to do that.” Now, as we have addressed the question “what is Remedy development,” let’s see the roles required and capabilities of a Remedy developer. Remedy ITSM Suite software combines traditional and operational support tools to improve customer satisfaction and meet business needs.

Remedy Developer Jobs

Usually, the tasks and responsibilities of a BMC Remedy developer are the following:

  • Asset management.
  • Knowledge management.
  • Planning installation, configuration, Remedy development, and testing.
  • Testing and evaluating enhancement and modification of the Remedy system.
  • Reviewing events and monitoring performance.
  • Conducting business requirements gathering, process flow identification, and development into Remedy workflow.
  • Developing and maintaining custom applications.
  • Providing BMC Remedy System support to end-users.
  • Analyzing BMC Remedy System content and storage.
  • Documenting changes to systems and all required checklists for use within the configuration baseline.

Speaking of Remedy developer jobs, there are three career levels:

  • Remedy end user. That’s like a junior developer, which has a basic knowledge of the technology and is aware of reporting and tracking tools.
  • Remedy admin level. A remedy developer of this level has to be good at customizing the tools based on deploying companies’ requirements. They implement specific changes, configure, and install the required solutions.
  • Reedy Architect. A person at this Remedy developer job is responsible for handling the logical business setup. One measures the organizations’ needs and comes up with configurations.

So, if you ask a candidate “what is Remedy development,” make sure one understands the scope of work and responsibilities. As you can see, a professional should grasp various tools, processes, and technologies to deliver top-notch services. Now, let’s tackle another exciting topic: Remedy developer salaries.

Remedy Developer Career


Annual Average Remedy Developer Salaries Worldwide


In Australia, the average Remedy developer job offers candidates $120,357 per year, which is the highest sum compared to other countries.

Speaking of the US, a local specialist who specializes in Remedy development receives $113,800. As for the UK and Sweden, the wages are on the same level, $67,411 and $65,428 correspondingly.

In Canada, a programmer versed in Remedy application development earns $54,442 per annum. In Finland and Germany, specialists make $52,744 and $50,830 respectively.

Remedy developer salaries in Lithuania ($39,345) and Spain ($33,366) are lower than in the mentioned countries, yet still competitive. In Poland, a mid-level Remedy programmer receives $18,869 annually. Ukraine ($9,099) and India ($7,040) close the list because they have the lowest wages for Remedy developer jobs.

Wrapping Up

So, what is Remedy development? In a nutshell, this is a process that implies utilizing a specific environment for building applications. It was primarily oriented at ticket-system but is applied for developing any type of app. In this article, we have explored Remedy developer salaries and defined the key responsibilities of a programmer that utilizes this framework for you to have a grasp of the situation. In case you wonder how to implement Remedy development and deliver unique solutions, feel free to entrust finding skilled developers to Qubit Labs. Do not hesitate to contact us to schedule a consultation and put your idea into action.


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