Want to hire dedicated PHP developers for your project? Then Qubit Labs is exactly what you are looking for. Qubit Labs is an acclaimed PHP development company offering experienced PHP coders for hire, be it just one programmer or a whole team. Hire PHP developer with Qubit Labs, and you can fully dive into your project’s business and marketing activities, while we undertake development. Moreover, you can significantly save costs on HR and retention specialists, office space, equipment and taxes. Qubit Labs coders are true experts with considerable experience of working for outsource PHP development behind their backs. They are also constantly improving their skills to make sure they are on the same page with the latest technologies and techniques practiced on the market.

Let us prove that Qubit Labs is the right place to hire dedicated PHP programmer.



Hire one developer or dedicated development team. We build your turnkey R&D team based on your requirements, using our resources and recruitment capabilities.


Pass the whole development process of your project to our dedicated team. We guarantee quality, transparency, advanced reporting and in-time delivery.


1. You contact us, tell us your development needs and specify your requirements to developers.
2. Qubit Labs professional HR team thoroughly inspects our database based on your requirements and provides you with CVs of the best candidates.
3. We arrange interviews, but it is you who approves every programmer. Remember, you can hire PHP developer, a whole dedicated team or outsource software development.
4. Your chosen developers will work in a fully equipped office in Kiev with all necessary hardware and software supplies. You are welcome to visit our Ukrainian tech hub and meet your coders in person at any time.


1 Smart Hiring Process

We use innovative hiring processes to help you hire dedicated PHP developers for your project, bearing in mind quality and cost-efficiency.

2 Top Developers Only

Our web development company offers a huge database of truly talented developers with real experience in numerous outsource projects.

3 Significant Cost Reduction

Forget about spending a fortune on HR teams, taxes, office space, support staff and equipment. With Qubit Labs, you will pay for PHP development services only.

4 Transparent Management

Our workflow implies constant contact between you and your developers. You will be able to directly participate in development process and get advanced reporting.

5 Cutting-Edge Solutions

Our job is to provide you with the best developers able to solve your problems. We will deliver integrated solution for your business based on your needs.

6 Strategic Relationship

We promise, after you hire PHP developer from us, you will be interested in our services again. We value relationships with our clients and offer loyalty programs.


INFRASTRUCTURE. Our office in Kiev is fully equipped with hardware and software facilities, necessary for trouble-free working process, and complies with the highest security standards.

EMPLOYEE WELLNESS. We make sure to create the best working conditions for developers you hire from us. It’s our job to take care of tea, coffee, lunches, corporate parties and other basics.

ADMINISTRATION. Our PHP development company will comply to your company’s policies related to employee work timings. Each dedicated PHP developer will be motivated to deliver quality on a full-time basis.

RECRUITING. In 99% cases, you can hire PHP developer with Qubit Labs. If there are no corresponding coders available in our pool, we will recruit them for you.

HR MANAGEMENT. Our specialists fully cover HR services, from payrolls to individual growth programs of each employee. We ensure that each offshore PHP developer is satisfied with his work.

AGILE PROCESS. PHP development at Qubit Labs is based on Agile practices, ensuring adaptiveness and rapid response to change. Be sure that hired developers work according to the most efficient development methodology.

ACCOUNTING. Forget about headaches and costs related to audits, tax filings and other accounting hassles. Our accounting experts undertake it all.

LEGAL. Company filings and all issues connected to legal compliance are our affair. We guarantee that you will not spend time on things disturbing development and business activities.


Qubit Labs offers PHP programmers for hire skilled in the following technologies: PHPUnit, Zend Framework, CakePHP, Laravel, Symfony, Yii Framework, Joomla, Magento, WordPress, Drupal.
You can hire a PHP programmer or an entire PHP development company based on your needs and scale of your project. The range of our PHP development services is fairly broad. Here are the most popular packages:



We can build websites using high-end technologies and design trends. You will get a custom website reflecting the essence of your business.


We can build an online sales platform for your project or help you to raise your current e-commerce presence.


Let us enhance the reach of your business by creating user-focused, highly innovative and responsive web applications.


Hire PHP developer to deploy cloud solutions to manage business analytics, HR affairs, or whatever you might need.


Our PHP programmers are experts in building user-friendly CMS systems, ERPs that will allow your company to be in control of your business processes.


Qubit Labs web development company provides 24/7 support services to maintain high level of your website availability.


All over the world, lots of companies shift to offshore PHP development. This is the way they can pass development to experts and concentrate on their business, considerably reducing between 15 and 55% in labor costs.


With Qubit Labs, you can hire PHP developer or a team of coders from a database of top Ukrainian programmers. They become your full-time employees, dedicating time solely to your project, 8 hours a day, 5 days a week.
We guarantee that PHP development services will go beyond your expectations.