Hiring a qualified Golang developer or compiling the whole Go development team is a hectic, time-consuming process.

With Qubit Labs, you can always find proper talent and skill for the long-term software development project. Whether you need a single dedicated Golang programmer or a large Go dev team – we can do this for you, in full compliance with your tech requirements and within short deadlines. Now you don’t need to see your project stagnate or slow down because you lack the proper staff; we have a vast database of Golang devs of junior, middle, and senior levels.


At Qubit Labs, we make sure that the recruitment process goes smoothly and quickly, without any extra time or effort from your side. Whether you need a junior Golang developer or a specialist with several years of experience in Golang web development, we can get it done in record time.

It usually takes our recruiters from 2 to 6 weeks to hire Go developers in Ukraine, which is quite a short timeframe for the entire recruitment workflow. You can task us with finding an offshore developer who will work from our office as a part of your team.

You may also hire a Go developers for relocation to your country and full-time work in your office, or you may also lease a specialist for a project-based contract. When choosing the latter option, you will have the offshore Golang dev team come to your country and work in your office for a certain period, until your project needs are fulfilled.


Let’s Get Started

Tell us your

Tell us more about the team structure and specific requests. We tell you approximate salary expectations of Go programmer based on them, and if it is all right with you, we start recruitment process.

Select and interview developers

We present best matches for your review including written code or test assignment. Interview final candidates by setting Skype calls or arranging personal meetings in our office.

Hire top Golang developers

Once you pick the best, enjoy your remote agile team sitting together in our office. We provide your team with all the necessary equipment, onboarding, accounting and HR support.

Launch your

Developers will report you directly and you can achieve maximum integration via comprehensive reporting, status meetings, clearly defined KPIs, and team size adjustments.

They [Qubit Labs] can accommodate either a fully staffed project or a personalized augmentation. They’re more professional than other firms and have access to better developers. They even offer reasonable prices considering the quality they deliver.
David, Roomeze
Once you submitted a query, you can be sure every corner and niche in candidates market will be thoroughly scanned and checked, every right LinkedIn profile connected. Beside this, recruiters have psychological background and natural ability to feel people contributed to hiring not only good professionals but good, company-culture-fitted, open-minded persons.
Alex, VP or Product at Geozilla
Recruiting and HR team truly listen to your needs and scout for candidates that fit, you feel real personal approach. They don’t only hire, they also take care of our team, help through the adaptation period, monitor and support the team spirit and manage the team with our needs in mind.
Alex, Nexteum



1 Top Golang Devs

The database of Qubit Labs contains numerous resumes of Go development experts ready to become a part of your team. We can hire the best available Golang devs in Ukraine specifically for your project to make it a success.

2 Flexible hiring models

Working with us is easy and flexible. You may hire a single specialist if you lack one in your team, or you may choose to build an entire Go development team to complete your whole project from scratch. We can handle any of these tasks with ease.

3 Сost reduction

It may cost you a pretty penny to hire a Go developer in your location, which may cause an unnecessary strain on your project’s budget. Ukrainian Golang developers charge less than experts in most Western countries with no quality compromises.

4 Loyalty program

We appreciate the trust of our clients and always try to deliver more for less. So, in case you order the recruitment of 5+ developers for your project, we give attractive discounts and reduce the charges for our services.

5 Unique recruitment process

Qubit Labs invests much effort into attracting the best recruiters, as they do most strategic work in the company. We welcome only experienced recruiters with technical education holding reputable international certificates.

6 Working hours

We are aware of the time difference and the hardship it may cause in Golang development collaboration, so we manage the working hours of our developers in such a way that they tune into your local team’s work perfectly.

Golang Development Services

Golang Web Development. If you need to hire an experienced Go developer to design advanced UI/UX, database management systems or back-end solutions, we are ready to offer you the right talent for that. Our candidates may handle any web development task starting from basic web applications and ending with highly complex databases, CMSs and CRMs, single-page resources, web services, and so much more. They may adjust your Go web projects to multiple platforms including Linux, BSD, Windows, etc.

Golang App Development. According to Google, Golang is the best option for easy, quick, and user-friendly Go development of apps. Thus, you may foster the multitude of GoMobile and OpenGL binding tools’ benefits to create your flexible, customizable, and impressive app to astonish your customers.

Get a Team of Golang Engineers Hassle-Free

Golang web development won’t be pain anymore with the help of Qubit Labs. You’ll always have the right talented Go engineer at your disposal without wasting time on ineffective interviews or scanning of hundreds of resumes. We at Qubit Labs value your time and focus on your outcomes. Thus, you always get the best experts of any seniority level needed for your projects.


Stop worrying about how to hire Go engineers, wasting money and time on talent search – you can entrust the task to specially trained and certified recruiters of Qubit Labs to make this happen quickly, effectively, and in full compliance with your needs. Golang development and hiring can be fun if it is done for you!