Hire App Developer: Salaries, Resumes, Market Overview

Hire App Developer: Salaries, Resumes, Market Overview

Technology is developing at lightning speed, and you can’t do without new web solutions, software, and apps if you wish to maintain the company’s competitive advantage in the market.

Thus, at a certain point in time, any business faces the need to hire an app developer.

Despite the immense demand for developers across the globe and the availability of thousands of developer resumes online, one may find the recruitment process quite challenging, with numerous hidden bottlenecks.

Here you will find an ultimate guide for those needing to hire mobile app development company on all steps and important considerations on the way to your ideal service provider.

We share the secrets of an effective recruitment process, tips to find an ideal candidate quickly, an overview of reasonable app developer salary, and ways to check whether your candidate possesses the right mixture of skills to fit your project demands.

Where to Hire App Developer?

As soon as the company realizes it needs a new tech specialist to the team, numerous questions arise, “Where to hire an app developer? What type of skills should he or she possess? What is a reasonable app developer salary to attract the best talent while staying within the budget?”

All these concerns are fully understandable since all businesses are interested in two things – getting the best employees to the team and paying them not more than they cost.

Our recommendation to businesses only starting their search and recruitment process is to think of the app developer type and employment mode they require.

The first point is simple: app developers can be of mobile (Android, iOS), Xamarin (hybrid), and web app developer kind. Study the market and define your target audience to know which type of app development you need.

Also, mind that the mobile app developer salary differs dramatically from the Xamarin developer salary; so, you need to be clear about what specialist you need to the team not to over-pay for the skills that you don’t need.

The second point is more complicated, as you need to find a perfect fit for your tech needs and at the same time a person willing to work on your terms, such as full-time in-house employment, freelance work, or IT staffing.

Let’s get into each approach deeper to see what your benefits and disadvantages as an employer they contain:

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In-house hiring

This type of employment is suitable for companies that need staff for long projects and full-time cooperation.

If that’s your situation, we advise going to numerous websites at which app developer resumes are published in abundance.

There you will always find the suitable specialist and will negotiate work terms; this will either be a local specialist whom you will invite to office work or a foreign specialist who may require your assistance with accommodation and financial coverage of relocation.

This method is perfect for companies in a constant search of new developers as by scanning through the web, Xamarin, iOS or Android developer resume database, HR managers will always possess relevant information on professional job seekers.

owever, this method also has one significant drawback; the process is time-consuming and tedious as you need to go through huge resume databases, pay large sums of money for vacancy publications, and conduct all interviews on your own.

If your company does not have a large HR department dealing with all these issues, the process may become lengthy, costly, and exhausting.

Freelance work

This method of employment has gained immense popularity in recent years, mainly due to the flexibility it grants to both employers and employees.

Freelance services are cheaper than an in-house worker would charge, while freelancers are not bound to one workplace and can handle several projects at the same time from the convenience of their home.

However, the problem with freelancing is that such employees are under loose control and can fail deadlines or become unresponsive at the most decisive moments of project work.

With these risks in mind, we recommend hiring freelancers only for quick and short-term tasks, such as, for instance, adding some feature to an app.

Projects with a duration of several hours up to several days are an ideal option for outsourcing to freelancers, while lengthier and more responsible tasks requiring full commitment are not suitable for the freelance model of cooperation.

IT staffing

Staffing emerged as a great alternative to both freelancers and in-house developer teams.

It combines the convenience and flexibility of freelancing with reliability and timeliness of in-house staff, which makes it an ideal option for businesses not wishing to host a development department in their offices and trying to avoid the administrative hassle connected with hosting this team as full-time staff.

This option is suitable for long-term collaboration as soon as you make sure that the team you hired fits all your needs.

Moreover, you can hire a team according to any demands like affordable development rates or convenience for business trips.

Qubit Labs can hire developers suiting any needs and demands you may have, no matter how sophisticated they are.

How to Find Best Developer?

Companies wishing to find an app developer often come across the problem of too many candidates and too little time to interview all of them to find their best fit.

At this point, the best method to hire an app developer of your dream is to specify and limit your requirements.

We recommend taking the following issues into account when creating the job announcement for the developer vacancy:

  • Determine the technology in which the new developer should be skilled (e.g., Android, iOS, Xamarin, web, etc.);
  • Specify the technical skill set he or she should possess;
  • Stipulate the soft skills you expect the new developer to have.

Once you are ready to look for a job candidate with this list of skills and requirements in mind, the search process will go much smoother.

After you select a pile of hybrid, web, Android, and iOS developer CVs for considering the candidates, it’s high time to proceed to the job interviews.

Follow our instructions for an ideal job interview shared in the next section.

20 Best App Developer Interview Questions

As soon as you see the web, mobile, or Xamarin developer resume, you may create a certain impression about the candidate.

But what matters much more is the personal meeting; there you can find everything about the person’s experience and soft skills, discuss the salary expectations that the candidate has, and ask all app developer interview questions to clarify whether the person suits your company.

At this stage of recruitment, you should be very careful and professional not to lose a precious candidate and not to hire irrelevant developers.

Here is the list of application developer interview questions that you can use to screen job candidates:

Questions for mobile developers

  1. What are your favorite mobile apps?
  2. What are mobile apps of your creation now available in AppStore or Android stores?
  3. What are the pros and cons of Android and iOS?
  4. How would you evaluate the significance of a user-friendly UI in mobile apps, and how do you improve it?
  5. Do you have cross-platform app development or app migration experience?
  6. Which information do you need to start coding?
  7. What is the difference between native mobile app design and responsive web design?

Questions for Xamarin developers

  1. What made you choose Xamarin as the primary area of your expertise?
  2. Did you create any Xamarin products available in Android or Apple stores?
  3. What is the difference between native apps and cross-platform apps?
  4. What is Xamarin overall?
  5. What is Xamarin for you? What opportunities do you see in it?
  6. Which programming languages supporting Xamarin development are you proficient in?
  7. What are the distinctions between Xamarin Studio and Visual Studio?

Questions for web developers

  1. How do you see your responsibilities as a web developer in a company?
  2. What prompted you to choose web development as a profession?
  3. Do you regard W3C as important? Why or why not? How do you incorporate it in your work?
  4. What are your approaches to managing the web application load time?
  5. What programming languages do you work in?
  6. How do you usually balance demanding client requirements?

We want to point out that mobile app development interview questions are generally the same, with some tiny specific differences.

If you need to get more guidance on how to hire a mobile app developer, contact the managers of Qubit Labs for help.

Application Developer Salary by Country

CountryAndroid app developeriOS app developerXamarin developerApp designerWeb application developer
USA$107 000$139 000$100 500$64 000$76 500
UK$49 000$57 000$57 000$53 000$59 500
Sweden$87 000$101 000$108 000$54 000$54 000
Norway$101 500$81 000$70 000$72 000$93 000
Denmark$101 500$126 000$71 000$70 000$55 000
Finland$45 500$54 000$96 000$65 000$42 000
Israel$60 000$56 500$77 000$64 500$56 000
Netherlands$52 000$49 000$87 000$50 000$69 000
Australia$108 000$115 000$98 000$78 000$75 500
Switzerland$106 000$101 000$104 000$102 000$109 000

Now we are approaching the most sensitive topic raised as soon as the company looks to hire an app developer – the reasonable rate of the application developer salary.

The reason for confusion about what an experienced, competent professional should cost is that the senior application developer salary, for instance, is dramatically different from the entry level mobile app developer salary.

Moreover, the average salary of app developer depends on the country in which they work and the projects that they completed throughout their careers. As a result, the payment issue is mostly a subject of negotiation with each candidate.

However, what should a company do if it needs to hire an app developer within a certain budget and needs to make a clear plan as to where to look for a specialist, what hard and soft skills to require from the job seekers, etc.?

Most businesses still want some clarity at least within a certain flexible salary range, so to satisfy your curiosity on the subject, we have compiled a detailed international overview of Android developer salary, mobile app designer salary, web app developer salary, and rates overview for a set of other develop specialties.

So, here’s what our salary analysis revealed:

Android app developer salary

The highest rates for Android app development are in Australia, Switzerland, and the USA; here a strong Android developer may earn $106,000-108,000 on average per year.

The lowest rates for this profession are recorded in the UK (around $31,000 per year) and Finland ($45,500). But you should take into account the level of seniority that you require from the developer.

This salary is a mean indicator, while the senior Android developer salary many be much higher.

If you are looking for an entry level Android developer salary indicator, this may be up to twice as low as the average we gave.

App designer salary

App designers earn the most in Switzerland ($100,000+ per year), while in other countries, the average app designer salary ranges within $50,000-70,000.

This means that while app designers are widely demanded, the supply of professionals in this area is also quite high, and the market is evenly competitive.

Web application developer salary

Controversially, some countries pay less to web application developers, while in others, the mean wage is higher than that of other developer specialties.

For instance, Swiss developers earn around $108,000 per year, web app developers in the USA earn up to $76,500, while in Finland, the average salary does not exceed $42,000.

iOS app developer salary

The iOS developer salary is more competitive than that of web app developers; in the USA, Australia, Switzerland, Denmark, and Sweden, iOS developers earn $100,000+, while in other countries, the rate for iOS development work is also times higher than for other developer specialties.

The lowest rate is observed in the Netherlands where even the senior iOS developer salary may not exceed $50,000 per year.

Xamarin (hybrid app) developer salary

The Xamarin mobile developer salary rates are quite high and competitive across the analyzed countries.

The most top pay is provided to professionals of this specialty in the USA and Sweden ($100,000+), while the lowest salaries are in the UK (around $57,000).

App Development Market Overview

The final step to make when you hire an app developer is to consider the market trends in this area.

We recommend taking a close look at Ukraine as a country to host your dedicated development team as the number of developers is impressive here, and all of them are highly qualified in the latest tech trends.

For instance, the leading languages of programming in which Ukrainian developers are proficient include:

  • Java,
  • JavaScript,
  • PHP,
  • Python,
  • Swift,
  • Ruby,
  • TypeScript.

The quality of apps created by Ukrainians is impressive (Ukrainian developer businesses are in the global top-52).

Moreover, the supply of talent in this area is immense; according to LinkedIn statistics, currently, there are 3,490 Android developers, 240 Xamarin developers, 290 web app designers, and over 3,600 UI/UX designers available.

TechnologyNumber of Developers
iOS developers3,100
Android developers3,490
Xamarin developers240
Web app developers290
UI/UX designers3,600

Thus, you’ll never experience hardships in finding the best specialist with your ideal set of hard and soft skills, no matter how sophisticated your specifications are.

App Developer Recruitment: The Final Word

As you can see, hiring an app developer may be a tedious process with many underwater stones.

The way you decide to accomplish that influences the entire process, and the right choice at this point may either complicate all things endlessly or make recruitment quick and easy.

So, we recommend turning to a qualified vendor like Qubit Labs to streamline the process, make it fast, and find the best suitable talent to your team within a reasonable budget.

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