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HIRE ANGULAR Development Team in Ukraine

No matter if you want to hire one developer or to build up a dedicated development team – this is not a problem for Qubit Labs. For years of our existence in the market, we have become one of the most prominent offshore development companies. If you want to hire offshore AngularJS developers, we will offer dozens of specialists in full compliance with your requirements. Our team consists of lots of skilled and professional recruiters who will find junior, middle, and senior developers for your needs.

If you want to create an outstanding project, all you need is to have an idea. Don’t worry about searching for a dedicated Angular team; our company will help you by offering the best specialists. After the team is set up an get to work, Qubit Labs will take care of workplaces, office, HR processes and accounting. We also will look after the team spirit, retention and provide social package.


Qubit Labs is a company that enables you to focus on the development process without wasting time on management and hiring issues. We are an experienced team helping other companies with selecting offshore Angular developers in Ukraine. It is not a secret that the process of employee search often becomes overwhelming and sophisticated. With Qubit Labs’ help, it will go quick and smooth for you, as we know how to search for specialists in programming and have already helped numerous clients.

Our services always correspond to the clients’ requirements and expectations. We can find a single developer or build up a team of offshore coders within a month at most. Our clients can choose whether to have the programmer work from our office as a member of your organization or to invite a group of Angular developers to their country and work there for a specified period until the project’s completion.



Share your requirements

Tell us more about the tech stack, team structure and specific requests and requirements you have. Based on them we show you expected budget and start recruitment process for free.

interview and hire developers

Get the CVs of vetted developers during the first week. Then you interview best ones and make final hiring decision. On average it takes 4-6 weeks to find and hire developers our clients need.

Hire developers

We provide everything for successful development team. You can visit your team in our office or use online tools to set up processes and integrate developers into your organization structure.

Get to work

Enjoy your fully integrated team working together in our office. We support retention, HR management, payrolls and accounting; provide comfortable office space, hardware and social package.

Qubit Labs allocated one developer to expedite a project via staff augmentation. The resource is assisting a frontend redesign using a React and JavaScript. Qubit Labs provided an extremely talented developer that consistently produces high-quality work. Thanks to his assistance, the overall project is moving along on schedule. Their management staff ensures accurate invoicing and transparent communication. They’re a flexible company.
David Rozenberg, Lead Engineer at Roomeze
Qubit Labs provided recruitment assistance for tech resources. They took on the requirements and quickly identified an appropriate list of qualified candidates for the role. Their efforts paid off within a short matter of time as they put together a list of potential leads. The communications and the workflow between us were simply amazing. The team communicated extremely effectively, always keeping relevant people up to date and never wasting any time.
Till Wendler, Head of Operations at Nakamo.to
Qubit Labs identified strong engineering staff options, a process that has fostered new perspectives for future technology stack scaling opportunities. In addition to offering a customizable package of services, the team has prioritized communication to foster a successful offshore engagement. Qubit Labs provided staff augmentation services, yielding one software engineer, to join the development team of a commercialized solution.
Nabil Aidoud CEO at IncuranceMenu
Recruiting and HR team truly listen to your needs and scout for candidates that fit, you feel real personal approach. They don’t only hire, they also take care of our team, help through the adaptation period, monitor and support the team spirit and manage the team with our needs in mind.
Alex, CEO at Nexteum



1 Best Angular developers

Our database contains dozens of resumes of top coders. Apply to Qubit Labs to hire an AngularJS developer who will build the framework most appropriate for your application development. The programmers in our database have participated in numerous projects worldwide and worked for the most prominent companies.


It usually takes from 2 to 6 weeks to hire AngularJS developer at Qubit Labs. After we receive your application, our managers immediately start working on it. We will present the most appropriate matches including code samples or test assignments of the candidates we find. After that, you only need to interview potential employees online or in the office.

3 Direct Communications

AngularJS development services provided by programmers hired with Qubit Labs enable clients to remain control over the technical resources from start to finish of the development process. If you choose to hire AngularJS developer to work from offshore, rest assured that the whole process will be transparent, flexible, and scalable and you will obtain the best level of digital innovation.

4 Flexible Contracts

We’ll always adjust to your hiring needs. You may hire developer alone or build up an Angular team of experts to manage your project. The programmers can work from Ukraine or move to your country due to the relocation option provided. Qubit Labs aims to save your time, thus you can take advantage of paper processing and visa assistance by our consultants to avoid hassles with the relocation process.

5 Skilled Recruiters

Recruiter expertise is vital for our company. Thus, we undertake an in-depth examination of recruiters before hiring. All recruiters of Qubit Labs have technical education and international certificates. What is even more important – all of them have a solid working experience. In this way, we guarantee that all client requirements (including tech stack and soft skills) will be considered to get the best-fitting candidate.

6 Qualified Account Management

If you want to hire AngularJS developer but still have some questions – just apply for professional support at Qubit Labs. The account managers working for us know everything about technical assistance and general relationship management. If there are any issues, they will solve them immediately to ensure that you have all information and answers to all vital questions before ordering our assistance.

Angular Development Services

AngularJS Mobile App Development. To create a mobile application of high efficiency and beautiful design, programmers prefer AngularJS mobile app development. It is an open-source framework regarded for its high level of scalability. It is less sophisticated and requires less time for the coders, as it manages both client- and server-side models with similar ease. The apps’ effectiveness is increased due to the language’s component-based architecture. The apps will load faster in any browser, as the JavaScript code is automatically handled for multiple browsers. AngularJS programmers develop interactive applications with full-stack JavaScript technologies for beautiful and user-friendly front-end designs. Hire AngularJS developer to take advantage of the app development of the new era.

Angular Web Development. AngularJS coders develop dynamic web applications and help customers to monetize their resources and boost profits. This technology enables building of an outstanding website without employing any additional plug-ins. Besides, web apps in AngularJS enjoy the MVC architecture, assistive features like filters, data binding, API client, and scope management, which makes them more user-friendly and flexible. It is supported by the Internet giant Google; hence, the coders work on a substantial code base. If you need an experienced Angular coder to design advanced Web application, we are ready to find a dedicated programmer for you.

Hire AngularJS Developers Risk-Free

If you want to hire offshore Angular team without any fuss, Qubit Labs is here to help you. We provide the best customer assistance round-the-clock. You will forget about worries and time waste unavoidable in the process of independent employee search. With our professional and skilled team of recruiters, you will save up to 60% of your time – we’ll match the most suitable candidates with perfect resumes. All you need to do is to interview and hire Angular programmer to your company. If you lack proper trained AngularJS coders in your country, we will help to relocate a worker or a team of programmers to your office.


Hire AngularJS developers at Qubit Labs – and let us solve all problems connected with recruitment issues. We guarantee an innovative approach to any client and task and provision of efficient customer support throughout the process. Let us offer the user-friendly and efficient Angular development service to meet all your needs and close the talent gap in your company! Just turn to us for assistance or order a 30-minute free consultation on the scope of our services.