Hire a Game Development Team: Guide for 2024

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Worldwide, there are approximately 2.2 billion gamers regularly. Moreover, there are an estimated 8 billion people—who play video games. Moreover, 1.2 billion of those 2.2 billion gamers use a PC. People are craving new games, so tech companies are craving game development team for hire internationally.

Because of its significance to culture, entertainment, and technological advancement, the gaming industry is regarded as one of the most exciting in technology. For example, over 70 million people are expected to watch the final matches of e-sports in 2023. That’s more viewers than the NBA, NHL, or World Series finals combined. As a result, the game industry is booming each year, so the demand for game developers for hire increases significantly. But, how to hire a game developer successfully and quickly?

In our article, we will find out the best locations to hire a game development team and other essential tips.


How to Hire a Game Development Team: Step by Step

How to Hire Game Developers_ Step by Step

Game developers frequently collaborate with other professionals, such as artists, designers, and programmers, in teams because game development is a highly collaborative process. They may work in game studios, independent development teams, or in-house development teams at large corporations, among other places. Game development team extension is not only about hiring specialists for a project. All starts with an outstanding idea followed by strategy, budget-setting, testing, and more. 

Managing to hire a game developer, including the following steps and processes:

  •  Consider Your Needs

It’s important to know what you want before you start to hire remote game developers. Find out your project’s scope, what kind of game you want to make, and the specific skills and experience you need to finish it. It will assist you in limiting your search and concentrating on suitable candidates for your project.

  • Research and Development (R&D)

What sort of game do you intend to create? How can you incorporate these into your game? How will their collaboration work? Before looking for game developer for hire, you must answer these questions. Your future game development team has to understand what they are creating. 

  • Conceptualization

Time to develop ideas for everything from characters, settings, and gameplay mechanics to level design elements like rooms and levels. Before you decide to hire game developer, everything in your game should have been planned out in advance so that everything works well together when it’s done.

  • Choose the Location for Hire

There are a lot of prospective outsourcing locations with a big number of promising candidates in the game dev industry. We wrote some guides previously on how to hire developers in Ukraine, Poland, Moldova, Romania, Georgia, Bulgaria, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Philippines, Brazil, Mexico and Costa Rica. Below in this article you can find our recommendations on game development outsourcing destination choice. 

  • Choose the Way for Hiring Game Development Team

When looking for a game development team for hire, consider the way of team extension. There are some options where you can find a matchable candidate:

Freelance Platforms 

The most popular freelance platforms where you can hire game developers are Upwork and Indeed. There you can find many specialists with relevant experience and cases. This option will be a good fit for companies considering hiring game specialists for short-term projects or small tasks. But also there are a lot of risks when hiring freelance developers.

Game Dev Communities

If you are not sure of how to hire a game developers and where to start, consider game communities. You can post a job on online game development communities like TIGSource and IndieDB and gain access to the profiles of other members. Despite not being verified, the profiles contain information about the members’ skills and projects. Overall, the profiles provide insufficient data. Develteam is a free online platform for project creation and team recruitment. You can communicate with developers through the comments section, and job offers are posted alongside the project description.

Hire a Vendor 

If you hire an experienced outstaffing company like Qubit Labs, you transfer all hiring and recruiting issues to your vendor. Outstaffing companies not only look for tech talents but know where to hire a game development team quicker but do it quicker as they know exactly where to hire and some other important details and secrets. You can focus on more important things in your project while your vendor builds a game development team. 

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Tips on How to Choose Remote Game Development Team

  • Look at Experience 

Programming, design, and project management are just a few of the many skills needed to work in game development, which is a complex field. When looking to hire a game development team, search for candidates who can demonstrate their skills and expertise and have previous experience working on similar projects. Be careful, in many outsourcing locations where you expect to hire game developers with lower salary rates, some candidates may lie about their experience and skills, so it is very important to check this information before making an offer.

  • Choose the Tech Language 

When making games, you usually need to hire game developer who are good at game engines like Unity and Unreal, relevant programming languages like C#, C++, JavaScript, Python, and graphics skills. Diverse professionals with expertise in programming, 3D modeling, audio, animation, UI/UX, and visual arts make up game development teams. The game’s level of complexity determines the size of the development team.

  • Look at Portfolios 

Before you decide to hire game development team, ensure they have enough experience and cases in similar projects.  A great way to see if a game developer is a good fit for your product is to look at their portfolio. The quality and variety of their work should also be considered when looking for a portfolio that highlights their abilities and experience.

  •  Check References 

Before making any decisions about how to hire a game development team – take the time to inquire about the game developer’s references from previous employers and clients.  As well as to talk to them about their experience working with the developer. It will give you a better idea of how hard they work and how well they can keep their promises.


Where to Hire a Game Development Team (Based on Qubit Labs Experience)

Where to Hire Game Developers

So, where to hire game development teams? Which locations have the best expertise and well-developed game industry? Based on our experience, we prepared a list of countries where you can find and hire game developers. Because of our long experience in hiring and recruiting tech specialists, we know where to find the best candidates for your business growth. The quickest way to  hire game developer is to know where to look for them. Here you can find the best locations if you need game development specialists. 

  • Ukraine

Ukraine is the number one country to pay attention to when considering hire a game development team. The gaming industry was one of Ukraine’s fastest-growing in 2023. The number of game development companies has increased from 20 to over 100 over the past decade, with over 20.000 specialists. As a result, there are approximately 800 million users of game products developed in Ukraine.

You can choose game developers for hire among 10,308 specialists employed by these businesses, including 7,973 technical specialists (77,35%), the majority of whom are middle- or senior-level professionals. According to the survey carried out by the recruitment agency Skillers, there are approximately 41% and 26% of senior specialists in the industry, respectively.

  • Spain

A lot of tech companies choose to hire a game development team in Spain. And there are some facts why: 

 Spain’s gaming industry is expanding at a steady rate. The Spanish Video Game Association (AEVI) reports that the gaming industry in Spain generated 1,795 million euros (1.924 million USD) in revenue in 2023, a 2.8% increase from the previous year. In addition, 18.1 million people in Spain spend more than eight hours a week playing games, according to the AEVI. 

There are currently 8700 people employed in this industry in Spain. The government approved the Spanish Video Game Association to help the gaming industry grow even more. Every business that is interested in making an investment in this sector receives substantial benefits from this organization. According to SVGA research, this industry will continue to expand in the coming years.

  • Poland

Exporting video games to other nations will account for 96% of the Polish gaming industry’s revenue in 2023, and the industry will employ 12,110 people across 470 game companies. CD Projekt is the largest video game company in Poland. The Polish video game market is worth EUR 470 million, according to a recent report from the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development. Poland is home to gaming giants like CD Projekt, PlayWay, 11-bit studios, and Ten Square Games. In addition, 96% of Polish games are sold abroad. It makes Poland one of the most famous countries where you can quickly find game dev for hire. 

Poland has approximately 440 game development studios, producing everything from indie efforts and more miniature mobile phone games to AAA titles (a term used in the industry to refer to titles with the highest budgets). These diligent people employ nearly 10,000 people, which makes Poland a great hub to hire game developer.

  • Romania

When you look to hire game developers, pay more attention to Romania. According to the annual study conducted by the RGDA (Romanian Game Developers’ Association), the turnover of the game development industry in Romania, which includes more than 100 local studios, will surpass $200 million for the beginning of 2023. Thus, compared to 2021, the industry’s turnover increased by 14.7%. 

Among the more than 6,000 professionals, video game developers make up 74,2% of studios, while 12.1% offer quality assurance, location, and creative outsourcing services. In addition, approximately 10.3% of studios publish their games, and 3.4% create gaming infrastructure solutions.



The gaming industry has undergone a significant transformation in the past few years. Newer technologies like virtual reality, augmented reality, and others, which are the focus of exciting research by programmers, are now used in computer games instead of traditional programming. As a result, game developers for hire can be a big challenge for many companies. That’s why Qubit Labs offers the best variety of skillful programmers for affordable rates. We hire game developers in fast-growing tech hubs with developed game industries like Ukraine, Poland, Georgia, Moldova, Bulgaria, Romania, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Brazil and Mexico. 

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