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Oksana Zabolotna
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Every company desires to be successful and bring the most considerable profit. However, every business faces challenges and problems when it comes to providing a budget-friendly business model for their projects. That’s why it is essential to try new strategies and practices that will match your business best. R&D outsourcing has become a global trend for a few reasons. This article will help you better understand how R&D outsourcing works and if it will fit your business. 


What is R&D Outsourcing?

R&D outsourcing work means contracting the research project out to a software development company that specializes in cutting-edge technologies. Such firms have highly-skilled professionals who work with the most innovative tools and know how to make outsourcing cooperation successful.

The goal of R&D is providing cutting-edge knowledge that applies to business needs and may result in the development of new products, projects, procedures, or services that boost an organization’s process. Large organizations usually have enough resources to build their teams, they can afford to hire top talent in the field, and run innovation projects that may carry significant risk. But R&D projects require lots of time and the success of the result can be uncertain.


What is R&D Offshoring?

The objective of research and development (R&D) is a method of establishing an offshore office, where you can have your own programming team working on the enhancement of your product. Yet in order to open your R&D center, you should cooperate with a local BPO company which is responsible for the back-office operations for your offshore office to function successfully. R&D offshoring services gives you an opportunity to establish your remote team that focuses on your product quickly and doesn’t break your budget. 


Outsourcing R&D: Pros and Cons

Is R&D outsourcing work successfully for any businesses? It depends on your business needs and goals you would like to achieve. R&D outsourcing models have their benefits and weaknesses. Let’s take a closer look at pros and cons of R&D outsourcing.

Pros of R&D Outsourcing 

  • Budget-Friendly

R&D outsourcing could be from 2 to 3 times cheaper than establishing in-house team in general. Basically because you don’t need to spend money on providing workspaces, equipment, etc, your vendor is fully responsible for this. There are no staff to maintain and retrain. 

  • Access to Large Talent Pool 

You get an opportunity to get the best and experienced professionals who are ready to focus and develop your business straight away. Moreover you don’t need to spend any of your time on hiring, training, integrating your team as long as your vendor provides HR and recruiting services. But the final hiring decision is up to you. 

  • Flexibility

R&D outsourcing gives you a lot of flexibility and opportunity to focus on your business needs and don’t think about any organization issues. You don’t need to spend your time recruiting, organizing workspaces and training.

Cons of R&D Outsourcing

  • Takes Time 

R&D outsourcing is usually time consuming. You must spend a lot of time on propper research in order to find the right company which provides R&D services. But with the right vendor all the time spendings will be paid off. 

  • Inaccurate or False Data

Badly made research can result in inaccurate feedback and decrease the conclusive result. Based on the researched dataset, your approach to solving problems may take lots of time, negatively impacting your business. 

As soon as you analyze all the advantages and disadvantages of R&D, the next step is to realize if it is going to work for your business and time to find the right vendor which will help you to build your team.


Why Do Companies Outsource R&D?

R&D outsourcing is an attractive alternative to in-house software development for a number of reasons. Great talent pools, high development standards, outstanding communication, compatible culture, and competitive pricing make it one of the world’s top trends nowadays. All of the world’s leading tech powerhouses including Samsung, Skype, Microsoft, and Playtech run their remote R&D centers in different countries.


R&D Outsourcing Companies in Main Outsourcing Destinations

If you decide to outsource R&D the vast thing to do is to choose the right company. Let’s take a closer look at R&D outsourcing companies in the most popular outsourcing destinations. 



  • Moontek

Company offers R&D services for their clients by finding talented developers in the most popular IT hubs worldwide

  • Resolute Software

Company offers design, building and delivering custom software solutions that guarantee success. They also offer their client R&D offshoring services if they would like to build a remote team

  • Electric

#1 Rated IT support provider on Clutch offers their clients outsourcing software development to different countries and proactive security standardization across devices, apps, and networks.



  • J2E Technology Solutions and Services

Company focused on enabling small and medium-sized businesses to increase their growth potential. These are achievable with the help of result-driven innovative solutions and analytical capabilities without the complexities.

  •  Kadence International

The company focuses on B2B and B2C services from data collection, insight consultancy to providing workshops. Kadence specializes in bespoke research and is adaptable and well experienced in all industries. It offers various and diverse services in research, intelligence and workshops.


Costa Rica

  • Cinde

The investment promotion agency of Costa Rica has been providing their services for almost 40 years. Among their clients who have established their R&D offices in Costa Rica are Intel, Boston Scientific and HOLOGIC.



  • Qubit Labs

Company provides their clients with multiple services such as remote dedicated team, BPO services, turnkey R&D steps and more. Qubit Labs offers their client outsourcing software development from the biggest IT hubs in Eastern Europe and Central and West bits of Asia. 



  • Ciklum

This is one of the large-size outsourcing companies in Poland. The company focuses on engineering,  data analytics services for finance, e-commerce, gaming, and other business needs.

  • Elinext

Company provides services mainly for healthcare, banking, manufacturing, and retail domains. Its services list mainly includes custom software development, business analysis, web and mobile development, and UI/UX design.

  • J-labs

Software development vendors help their clients with custom software implementation, microservices, blockchain development, as well as DevOps. 



  • Hexlet

Hexlet is a platform for practical in-browser programming lessons in the real development environment. Each lesson is a programming task from the real world which targets a particular skill and is evaluated automatically.

  • Parqour (Smart Parking Technologies) 

Company provides hardware and software solutions including automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) camera technology, parking pay machines and parking barrier gates for retail operators, property owners, property and facility management providers and government.

  • Singularity Lab

Singularity Lab is focused on VR and AR technologies, as well as interactive media solutions. In the last 3 years we’ve developed commercial projects, including the first in CIS social VR simulator and one of the most technologically advanced museums in Kazakhstan.



  • Global Technology Services

Global Technology Services is a company of IT consulting, design and digital application. They focus on developing unique digital information services for different country’s IT markets. 

  • R.I.S.K Company 

One of the leading IT companies in Central Asia and Caucasus markets providing solutions in IT consultancy, System Integration, IT-outsourcing, Application Development and Geographical Information Systems. 



  • Kantar

Kantar is a data and evidence-based agency providing insights and actionable recommendations to clients globally. They offer their clients multiple decisions about IT outsourcing and R&D outsourcing in different countries.


The company provides a variety of engineering and technology consulting services for clients primarily in France.

  • Moody’s Analytics

Moody’s Analytics provides financial intelligence and analytical tools to help business leaders make better, faster decisions. They also provide R&D services for their clients in different parts of the world. 



  •  TP&P Technology

TP&P Technology is a leading offshore software outsourcing company in Ho Chi Minh City. Company specialized in a range of services, from Custom software development, IT infrastructure and application management services, to business solution consultancy and deployment, cybersecurity, to DevOps and Blockchain services.


CMSMART is one of the biggest leaders in providing complete e-commerce solutions to SMB businesses all over the world. 

  • Minh Phuc

Minh Phuc Co – the leading provider of Contact Center technology, Outsourcing Service and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) in Vietnam. 


R&D Outsourcing with Qubit Labs

If you would like to get the best experience with R&D outsourcing in Ukraine, Poland, Georgia, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and get under your own employer brand? Qubit Labs can help! Using our long experience working  in IT outsourcing we can help you establish your own offshoring/nearshoring remote team in Ukraine and cooperate with professionals quickly and risk-free. We are responsible for all recruiting and HR issues, provide workspaces and equipment and support the relocation, health insurances, payments etc. 



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