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When you’re on the startups stage, hiring a full in-house team of software developers might be to time-consuming and, what’s more, too expensive for a developing business budget. Besides, choosing a development team for startup can be tough but Qubit Labs works hard to make the process easier and negotiable. No matter if you need just one dedicated developer or you want to hire a team of developers, Qubit Labs and our team of experienced IT recruiters with technical background will find you the best programmers of any tech stack.


We are an IT staffing trusted vendor with a headquarter in Tallinn, Estonia. Our R&D center is located in Kyiv, Ukraine and you are welcome to visit us or your team at any time. If you want to hire a remote developer for startup to complete your team or set up a dedicated offshore development center, our IT staffing proposition will meet your goals.



If you don’t have enough developers to hire quickly locally, hire a team Ukraine, work, test and when ready – relocate them to work with you on-site.


How to hire a programmer for startup? Choose preferable technologies, put a short job description for us and meet your new skilled team in 2 weeks!

Let’s Get Started

Tell us your

Tell us more about the tech stack, team structure and specific requests. We tell you approximate salary expectations of software developer based on them, and if it is all right with you, we start recruitment process.

Select and interview developers

We present best matches for your review including written code or test assignment. Interview final candidates by setting Skype calls or arranging personal meetings in our office.

Hire top developers

Once you pick the best, enjoy your remote agile team sitting together in our office. We provide your team with all the necessary equipment, onboarding, accounting and HR support.

Launch your

Developers will report you directly and you can achieve maximum integration via comprehensive reporting, status meetings, clearly defined KPIs, and team size adjustments.

Qubit Labs allocated one developer to expedite a project via staff augmentation. The resource is assisting a frontend redesign using a React and JavaScript. Qubit Labs provided an extremely talented developer that consistently produces high-quality work. Thanks to his assistance, the overall project is moving along on schedule. Their management staff ensures accurate invoicing and transparent communication. They’re a flexible company.
David Rozenberg, Lead Engineer at Roomeze
Qubit Labs provided recruitment assistance for tech resources. They took on the requirements and quickly identified an appropriate list of qualified candidates for the role. Their efforts paid off within a short matter of time as they put together a list of potential leads. The communications and the workflow between us were simply amazing. The team communicated extremely effectively, always keeping relevant people up to date and never wasting any time.
Till Wendler, Head of Operations at
Qubit Labs identified strong engineering staff options, a process that has fostered new perspectives for future technology stack scaling opportunities. In addition to offering a customizable package of services, the team has prioritized communication to foster a successful offshore engagement. Qubit Labs provided staff augmentation services, yielding one software engineer, to join the development team of a commercialized solution.
Nabil Aidoud CEO at IncuranceMenu
Recruiting and HR team truly listen to your needs and scout for candidates that fit, you feel real personal approach. They don’t only hire, they also take care of our team, help through the adaptation period, monitor and support the team spirit and manage the team with our needs in mind.
Alex, CEO at Nexteum



We are here and ready to start hiring your team in no time. No more wasting time on recruitment, adaptation, retention and other HR activities to make your developers happy and motivated. Qubit Labs has a strong squad to do all administrative routine for you. We already have successfully implemented numerous software development projects for startups of various industries.


Agile is our basic process but every project of software development for startups is different, so usually we adapt our project team internal processes to fit our client’s needs. In case you hire a dedicated team, they will be 100% included in your team and sprints planning. You choose your preferred task-tracking tool, meeting frequency, define goals, a timeline, tracking progress, reporting progress and our developers adopt them.


If you need two, five or 10 more developers to complete your startup dedicated team, we can provide you with the best candidates in a week or even sooner. All we need from you is a job description. The next step is just to choose the option that fits you best – interview all candidates in Skype, come to our office for a personal interview or leave it all to our professional IT recruiters with technical background.


If you are not sure about technical side, just tell us your ideas and our project managers will estimate, suggest and consult you for any question you may have. You will have a motivated and disciplined team of developers that works side-by-side with you daily as if you are sitting in the same office nextdoor.


How does development team communicate? Our smart planning and communication process makes software development for startups smooth and predictable, so it saves your time and money. You will be surprised by our transparent and smart business processes and rules. Work with Qubit Labs to have an advantage because we always meet the deadlines we set.


If you don’t have a technical person in your team, it’s not a problem at all. We have wide expertise and know how to deal with non-technical customers. By working with us, you reduce rookie mistakes and stay assured that the project will end on time.


Work with a partner who cares. We would have never started providing outsourcing services to startups, if we had never been in their shoes before. Your success is our success. We erred in the past, but we fixed them quickly and learned a lot from every mistake we made. Those years of experience in small business software development gave us knowledge that we can suggest you. Our skills and expertise guarantees client’s satisfaction.


Need help or have any questions? Let’s discuss the project of software development for your startup! Drop us a line in a contact form with your ideas. Everything you send to us automatically falls under NDA. Also you can send us your custom NDA to before talking to our Business Analyst if your business requires it.
Contact us to transform your concepts into a business-ready software.
If you still not sure which technologies to choose for development, how big your team should be or what features your product should have, we are here to help you; contact us for a consultation and a free quote.