Estonian IT Companies

Estonian IT Companies


Estonia, the new European startup hub?

With the startup boom taking over the planet in the past few years, it seems that there is one particular country that is especially successful in bringing an extraordinary number of new IT companies into the world. This super-country is Estonia (home of Qubit Labs), a small country in the Baltics with a population just over 1.3 million people. But being as prolific as it is, Estonia holds the world record in startup companies per person. Must be something in that Estonian air, right?

IT Companies & Startups in Estonia

Estonia has already given us such famous companies as Skype, TransferWise, and Pipedrive. But there’s also a younger generation of Estonian IT prodigies that is looking for a chance to apply their knowledge.

  • Deekit – Aids visual communication in software development, education, etc. But the best thing about it is: it requires low bandwidth, which means that team members can collaborate in real-time even on very slow connectivity.
  • Nordic Automation Systems – The Internet of Things remains a mystery for many people due to high prices and lack of infrastructure. Meanwhile, this Estonian IT company created a full end-to-end solution that is available at a competitive price and includes sensors, gateways, and Cloud services.
  • SportID – Companies care for their employees’ health, many of them try to motivate their workers to be active, some of them even offer a variety of sports activities. This Estonian startup has created a wellness management solution for employers that makes it easy to compensate their employees’ sports costs. How about that!
  • Tebo – This one created a marketplace for educational content. Teachers can not only give tasks to their students (which the latter can access on this platform), but also see class learning analytics, and make money when other teachers use their content for their classes!

Who knows, maybe if you check out the full list, you will find an Estonian IT company you would like to invest in? Or partner up? Or outsource to? Or you get a brilliant idea while browsing the list, and your own project will be on the list for 2018? Just let us know, what do you think, and Qubit Labs will gladly be your guide in the world of Estonian IT. Want some more variants to choose from? Have a look at the list of the major IT companies in Ukraine.

Find Your Perfect IT Outsourcing Partner in Estonia

Estonia is a very tech-savvy and entrepreneur friendly country. And there is so much IT talent just waiting to be discovered! We at Qubit Labs are sure that this little country holds many surprises technology-wise, and that your company will find suitable partners there, no matter if your specialty is web development or IoT.

And as if this country couldn’t be more startup friendly, Estonia will also host the Startup Nations Summit in 2017, an event that hosts key players from around the world. This year’s summit is set to explore how digital disruption is changing the world, and how Information Technology made a huge difference for entrepreneurs in Estonia. Exciting times for Estonian IT companies are ahead!


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