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We had an opportunity to communicate with Edward Gregorian, Product Manager at Brainchanger – BOOST Recovery Program, which empowers people to re-think chronic pain and live well again. It was created by a person living with pain who was curious and committed to getting her life back. Tina McIntosh created the digital self-management app that put science into practice for her to recover from over ten years of chronic neck and arm pain.

Edward shared with us how Qubit Labs is helping them grow their startup, increase productivity and solve Australian development market challenges by providing remote developers from Eastern Europe and Asia.

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Q: Please, tell us more about your project

My name is Edward Grigoryan, I am the product manager for a small Australian startup –  Brainchanger. We are a telemedicine startup that provides services and products in mobile applications to patients with chronic pain that has been persistent for a long period, usually over six months. Any common pain. Chronic pain is a very complicated medical problem that requires a good solution. It costs most countries a lot of money. For example, the US costs approximately $600.000 billion a year. It includes insurance payouts, working hours, etc.  In Australia, it is roughly $120,000 billion per year.

A better and more cost-effective solution that currently needs to be more mainstream currently exists. For the last 20-30 years, there has been lots of science-based proof of how to deal with chronic pain, which is not diffused in the current medical industry. Coping with chronic pain has a lot to do with educating the patients about th reasons of why pain dont go away and where it comes from. Your lifestyle plays a significant role in reducing the pain, but just the right amount of it and most people are scared of exercising not to worsen the pain.

We have clinicians who are like coaches for our patients. They coach people with chronic pain with 12 weeks special program. We also have an app that is still developing, but we would like to focus on automation and mobile application to simplify the process. Now, our app of the MVP stage.


Q: How long have you been working with Qubit Labs? 

We started our cooperation in August 2022


Q: How do you feel about working with a fully remote team since it is your first experience? 

It is wonderful. I like it very much. This is my first time starting, and I think it is amazing that we are running a company fully remotely. I am personally in San Diego, but the company is based in Australia, and our program director is Shangai, some of our team are in Australia and the developer we hired with Qubit Labs is in Kazakhstan. There are no complications with communication, the company runs well.


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Q: What myths about working remotely turned out to be not true?

Overlapping with time zones, but that was my concern initially. That’s just a matter of logistics, but we made it work just fine. But the major problem was communication. You really have to be involved in productive communication and have to be actively managed. But we have a smoothly running business, but you have to be engaged in building effective communication that helps a lot in running a business successfully.


Q: How did you choose a company to hire developers?

It was a combination of cost and effectiveness, like what you get for the price. That’s why I think most companies prefer to hire Eastern European developers. You can employ high-quality developers in this region for better prices than hiring people locally in the US or Australia. Many people also consider India a hotspot for hiring developers because they have a huge presence in software development. We also had a developer from the Philippines who didn’t meet our standards, so when I hired a developer, I immediately went to Eastern Europe.


Q: Are you satisfied with the results of cooperation with remote developers?

Yes, 100%, I think I have exceeded expectations. Our developer has all the experience and quality we have been looking for. It also was a cost-effective desicion for us compared to hiring a developer in Australia.


Q: Would you recommend hiring Ukranian developers now to companies that hesitate?

Absolutely! Even in difficult circumstances, Qubit is operation all the processes very smoothly. There hasn’t been any interference, even though we know that interruption might happen.


Q: Would you recommend working with Ukrainian companies as a vendor?

Yes, we had no issues running operations with Qubit Labs, even when Kyiv and Kharkiv were under massive missile attacks. Now it all getting better, so I dont think other companies should have any concerns about hiring offshore developers in Ukraine.


Q: To what companies would you recommend looking closely at outstaffing service?

We are a small startup, so I think it will be beneficial for these companies. Any software-based startup will be comfortable going with outstaffing services. I can’t speak for enterprise companies, but for companies like us, i think outstaffing is a great idea.

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