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Nowadays, when lots of companies from various industries are in need of custom software development, offshore outsourcing is more than in demand. Nevertheless, outsourcing is sometimes discredited by dishonest businesses. We at Qubit Labs are presenting a new type of development services called Outsource 2.0 and aimed to reclaim reputation of the next-generation offshore software development.

Dark Side of Outsourcing

As any type of activity, IT outsourcing and offshore outsourcing has its pros and cons. If you google this issue on the web, you will find dozens of arguments on not to use outsourcing. Those are mainly written by either companies competing on the market with outsourcing businesses, or by companies who had negative experience with untrustworthy outsourcers.

Let us take a look at the most common cons towards custom software development outsourcing:

All Sorts of Barriers
Those include time zones, language, cultural differences, currency, poor network access, payment transfer problems and costs, etc. All in all, number of disadvantages of outsourced software development cover the number of advantages, according to some employers, which is why they think of recruiting in-house developers.

Some companies are afraid that their business will be on a long list of other businesses an outsource company works with. In other words, that outsourced developers will dedicate their time to several projects simultaneously, resulting in low quality, bad code, distracted attention and missed deadlines.

This point flows out of the previous one. Many customers are afraid they will not be able to control outsource developers in full, which can result in simple inefficiency and, again, poor quality.

Unmotivated Developers
Some clients believe that developers or hiring dedicated team by vendors are not motivated enough to dive into their project and simply be dedicated. Moreover, lack of motivation can result in avoiding the blame for the bad quality, because there was not enough engagement from the customer side and, therefore, it’s not their fault.

High Cost
Considering all above mentioned arguments, custom software development outsourcing can happen to be extremely costly, which makes some businesses question themselves: why outsource if we can hire in-house developers?

Why We Call Our Development Services Outsource 2.0?

To beat all the negative vibes towards software development outsourcing, we came out with the concept of Outsource 2.0. Basically, these are core principles of the way we do business at Qubit Labs, which makes us stand out of competitors.
Outsource 2.0 is based on three main pillars:

  1. Ethical business
    While you are saving significant costs outsourcing to custom software development company, we do not earn $3,000 margin providing you Indian coders for $2 per hour. Unlike other outsource companies, we work with top developers only. Our goal is growth by means of high quality and reputation. We build ethic and eco business, which we are not ashamed of, and which is mutually beneficial. We motivate our developers with engaging projects and attractive salary, which is why they build consolidated and productive teams, working on projects quickly and qualitatively.
  2. Effective Communication
    Usually, offshore software development companies are considering clients as a cash cow. It is sad but true, especially among outsource companies in China, Philippines and India. For us, a client is not just a customer, but a part of the team. What do we do to integrate him into the team? First of all, we build efficient communication starting from the first meeting between customer and manager. Regardless of development stage, be it idea, architecture, design, development itself, or testing, we insist on active and honest feedback from the customer and developers, preventing inconsistency and misunderstanding in future. At the same time, we practise individual approach, so you will be as involved in development as you want to be.
  3. High quality
    At Qubit Labs, we combine honest and clear communication with high quality in purely everything we do, starting from recruiting to source code quality. We ensure that our teams consist of the best talents and we develop together with our coders by studying how the most successful companies manage their teams. That is why we are proud of the level at which working processes are organized.


Offshore Outsourcing Disasters You Will Avoid With Qubit Labs

First and foremost, you will avoid shady employees. We are living in the era of globalization and many companies face dishonesty from their in-house workers. For example, there was a case when an employee was paid a good salary, but he hired another Chinese guy to do the job instead of him, and simply spent working hours by scrolling subreddits. Is that a type of workers you are looking for? Do you want to spend a fortune on lazy people who work 10 to 18 and want extra social goodies for that?

With Outsource 2.0 by Qubit Labs, you will avoid lots of pitfalls common for other outsource companies.

No Language Barrier
Do not worry about misunderstanding. Our PMs and coders have good language proficiency, starting from B2 level and higher.

No Cultural “Mismatch”
We do not outsource India or China. Qubit Labs hires European developers only who have similar mindset and corporative culture.

No Poor Quality
We value our reputation on software development market and make sure to hire honest managers and top developers.

No Copy Code
We sign a strict NDA for every project and pass all intellectual property rights on the software developed by our coders to the client.

No Priority Lists
If you hire developers with Qubit Labs, they will work exclusively on your project 8 hours a day, 5 days a week.

No Hidden or Extra Costs
We never steal from you. Our developers deliver tasks on schedule, not extending development process forever.

hire custom software development company

We believe there’s better way to outsource your software development

Looking for expert developers, but still unsure about outsourcing? Choose Outsource 2.0 with Qubit Labs and save up to 50% costs without losing quality. We gathered a pool of talented Eastern European developers with a similar mindset, cultural values and experience in various development services.

Forget about discredited outsource companies doing shady business. We will show you that software development outsourcing works!

Become an early adopter of the novelty Qubit Labs offers and get rid of your worries about IT solutions simply by filling in “Contact Us” form.


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