When Crisis Is An Opportunity To Grow Online

Svitlana Rumyantseva
Project Manager

The impact of the Coronavirus has extended far beyond the concerns of health. It has set its claws on the economy, affecting industries all over the world. The international companies could only afford to close down their retail shops because their digital versions were shouldering the sales.

What the crisis of 2020 has affected the most are the local businesses. Small businesses in the affected countries are dealing with the fallout, even if the casualty rate is low. According to this Global Corporate Crisis Survey, 69% of participants have faced some crisis or the other since the launch of their businesses. It’s time to add Corona to the list.

However, to look on the bright side, every crisis teaches valuable lessons. And currently, it is about taking your business online to stay above the impact, if you already haven’t.

Indisputably, the younger generations already have an affinity for online buying. With this current outbreak, every sector and every age group would be forced to reconsider their approach to digital versions, as well as buying behavior. If you own a business, then it’s time to rethink how your company is devising internet strategies that can cater to the current needs.

How can Qubit Labs Help you?

As a company with significant experience in developing online projects, Qubit Labs can guide you through the process of taking your business digital. Qubit Labs is one of the top software projects outsourcing companies that functions as a dedicated offshore development center. If you are looking to hire development team Ukraine, there is no better choice to make.

We also assist in offshore development center setup and have gained valuable insight into helping companies go digital.

Over the years, we have worked with a lot of companies. And the one thing all the businesses realize sooner or later is how paramount it is to have a web presence. If carried out well, you can turn this crisis into an opportunity to expand your online growth and hire remote development team to help you set up an online platform.

As local and small businesses, you might be skeptical about whether such a crisis would last or whether an online strategy would be worthwhile. But know this, regardless of how small or specific your business is, be it education, marketing, insurance, or games, our experience proves that establishing online channels could help you tremendously.

Take a look at how having digital access is helping these businesses now.

Educational Institutions

Many countries have shut down schools, colleges, and universities to practice social distance and help their students take preventive measures. However, it is not entirely possible to stop classes altogether. Universities are using their websites and digital resources to conduct video classes.


Without websites, it wouldn’t even be possible to shop from the comfort of your home. This particular aspect is even more crucial amidst the current crisis. In fact, the largest eCommerce retailer in China has seen its sales quadruple compared to the same time last year.


People might be encouraged not to go to restaurants, but many are still relying on food deliveries. This was made possible by the food industry going online, even though restaurants are an entirely physical business. The same applies to other distributions, such as groceries. They chose to hire dedicated software development team and created smart ways for people to access their services online.

Thanks to the internet, today, one can even receive health advice from Doctors as well as get medicines delivered to their doorstep.

Now, having an online voice has not only helped companies to stay afloat, but it has also helped in preventing the spread of the virus through contact. If you haven’t already chosen to hire dedicated programmers to help with digital transitioning, do not wait any longer.

How To Take Your Business Online

If you are reading this, you are at the right place at the right time to receive help from the best remote dedicated development team in Ukraine. It might not be possible to recruit an in-house team at the moment. So the most feasible first step is to hire remote software developers.

When you hire offshore dedicated developer team for programming outsourcing, you can be assured that you will get their services all the time. The market conditions will not affect us, as we are already a remote team. We will focus on getting you a foothold online, efficiently, and as soon as possible.

Act Now

It is common to get your thinking paralyzed during a crisis. But, do not let it cloud your judgment. Many successful companies today were forged during the time of the financial crisis because they found the silver lining.

IT is undoubtedly the future and could be the solution to your dilemma now. Do not fail to grab the opportunity and invest in outsourcing software development projects to implement your online strategy.

And when ready to find services of offshore development Ukraine has, you know where to find us.

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Svitlana Rumyantseva
Project Manager
Svitlana is a ex Project Manager at Qubit Labs with legal education and PhD degree in political science. She has experience in managing in-house and offshore/nearshore software development teams including freelancers. She is sure that smooth communication and motivation is the basis of efficient teamwork and successful projects. Svitlana is passionate about networking, achieving great results and acquiring new knowledge.