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Catalog of Best Telegram Channels for Business to Join in 2019

Catalog of Best Telegram Channels for Business to Join in 2019

Telegram became a breakout product of 2017 according to ProductHunt. Indeed, this messenger gains popularity across the globe boasting such benefits as quickness, security, and free access. Currently, it cannot be regarded as a competitor of Messenger or WhatsApp, but anyways, you can “eat the ginger” of this resource and use it for the sake of your business.
Entrepreneurs will find there business Telegram channels dedicated to human resources, marketing and sales, general business news and motivation & productivity. Make your business better with this knowledge!

Business News Telegram Channels


The New York Times
Don’t feel like reading newspapers? Let the bot collect the top and breaking news for you – get reports, read the opinions of influencers and keep up with the latest trends here.

ECS: International Business News
Digital era gives you access to enormous amounts of information, but you need to sort it out. Join this Telegram media resource to be the first to know the most important business news from all over the world.

Tech Guide
This is a collection of news about mobile and web – Android, iOS, and PC. By subscribing this channel, you will always keep up-to-date.

Marketing & Sales Telegram Channels


Active Marketing
The description of this Telegram channel says “Marketing Jungle for innovations and automations”. Indeed, here you will find all the necessary tools and tips to survive in the wildness of marketing. The latest marketing trends, SEO and SMM advice and content tips are here.

Home Business News and Education
This Telegram channel gives you a better insight into marketing, SEO, content, and peculiarities of sales.

Sales and Marketing Class
This Telegram channel will teach you how to sell your products. Discover sales basics that every successful businessman should know.

HR & Corporate Culture Telegram Channels


Company Culture News & Topics
Learn more about employee engagement, corporate culture, and scaling. Such topics as remote work, leadership, criticisms and giving feedback are also covered there.

Job Searching tips
Maybe you’re looking for a job? Then this business Telegram channel will come in handy to create your strategy and find a dream work. Hiring developers? Also, use the given information to find out how to screen candidates.

HR channel
Time to learn HR basics? Check out this telegram channel and learn how to interview people of various professions, how technology influence HR and how to overcome reward issues.

Motivation & Productivity Telegram Channels


Get your inspiration with charismatic leaders. These talks will show you the way to boost your confidence and interest in self-development. Let well-known business coaches motivate you!

Tim Ferriss
Tim Ferriss is one of the “Most innovative business people” according to Fast Company. In this channel you will find Tim’s interviews podcasts with celebrities about work & life balance and philosophy of rich people.

Hundreds of lifehacks in your pocket – “fresh Perspective on Life Get refreshing ideas to end negativity, get things done fast, and achieve bigger goals.”

The owner of this channel uses the following words to describe it: “Lifestyle, Business, Travel, Entrepreneurship, Tech, Food, Sport, Health”. Sounds interesting?

Find out how to improve your coding skills with these Telegram channels and groups for programmers.


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