How We Built PHP Development Team for e-Commerce Project from US

Iva Kozlovskaya
Managing Partner

Client’s Goals

Qubit Labs is a company that offers remote teams solutions for businesses of all scale. One of our first enterprise clients was a US car accessories retailer that launched an e-commerce project for selling car parts and tools.

Their tech team works with PHP, one of the most popular programming languages, which is highly in demand on the US job market. And the company realized this demand as soon as they started to grow and hire more in-house PHP programmers.

Business Challenge

Not only did hiring took a lion’s share of their time, but also it took their financial resources. To pull out a senior PHP developer from other companies they had to offer the engineers a super-generous bonus system. In addition, the auto company engaged more recruiters to cope with hiring tasks. Despite the plan to extend their PHP development, they suddenly got a big HR department. And yet, they didn’t achieve the expected results. The company was considering three ways of solving the issue:

  1. hiring local PHP developers and train them;
  2. choosing a different technology;
  3. setting up an offshore team of PHP devs.

The idea of choosing a PHP dedicated team model of inexperienced programmers was rejected immediately. It was fraught with consequences like bad code, extra expenses on training and the very perspective to get a skilled developer was too long. Neither was changing a technology a smart decision, nor there were any guarantees that it would be easier to find different programmers. As a result, the e-commerce company started looking for a vendor who would help them with a PHP development team.


They addressed Qubit Labs with a request to find both Middle and Senior PHP developers skilled in the following technologies: Symfony, MySQL, Redis, Rabbit, and Elasticsearch. At first, the company counted only on mid-level programmers because they still had some doubts about filling in the development vacancies in Ukraine, they were disappointed by the USA market.

The task was challenging indeed as PHP programmers are in demand everywhere. The client also wanted them to pass a test before the interviewing stage, so the number of developers willing to apply dropped down.

Our recruiters selected 20 matching CVs. The car accessories company sifted them and chose a half for the interview. Candidates were interviewed simultaneously by a tech lead and HR manager of the company as they wanted to be 100% confident in responsibility and tech skill of a future member of their team. In the end, the client hired three PHP developers and two of them were Senior devs.


As we managed to exceed the client’s expectations they decided to hire remote project managers here in Ukraine too. Despite a hard test assignment, 10 candidates out of 40 completed it. Our client interviewed seven PMs and approved two of them.

To sum up, we started with one closed vacancy and when the client made sure that Ukrainian job market has enough qualified developers, they decided to hire more remote PHP developers and later also opted for remote PMs. In total, our recruiters spent seven weeks to fill in these five vacancies which appeared to be faster and thriftier than hiring in-house workers. Our client now is happy with a PHP development team he hired here in Ukraine.

Case Overview


  • E-commerce
  • Enterprise


  • Managed Team
  • Dedicated Team


  • PHP
  • Symfony
  • MySQL

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Iva Kozlovskaya
Managing Partner

Iva Kozlovskaya is a Managing Partner of Qubit Labs. Founder of social project created for women – WIT Ukraine.
Iva has been working in operations, sales and project management, started her career as a recruiter and went through all stages up to HR Director and then Founder of her own IT initiatives. Iva is experienced in working with international clients for IT outstaffing, handles complicated challenges in any field including company process, finance, marketing and administration. She is also a speaker for global tech conferences, and author of webinars and articles on tech topics.
Nowadays Iva runs her company that helps clients from the USA, Europe, and the Middle East to establish their development teams worlwide.