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Now you don’t need to browse the internet and gather the grains of knowledge about offshore teams from numerous articles. All you need to know on this topic is here, in this book. “Offshore Team 101” by Iva Kozlovska, CEO and Managing Partner at Qubit Labs will lead you through all stages of outsourcing – from choosing the vendor to managing remote office developers.

No matter what led you to this page – intention, hesitation or mere curiosity – you’re here to discover more information about offshore developers, distributed teams and dedicated development teams.

Here is what you can learn from the book:

Part 1. Choosing Vendor
Who Is Vendor?
How to Choose Right Vendor?
8 Facts That Should Put You on Alert
Outcomes of Illusive Economy
Office vs. Home?
10 Reasons Why Smart Businessmen Outsource to Ukraine

Part 2. Outsourcing Models
What Is Outsourcing?
What Is Outstaffing?
Types of Offshore Teams
Ready-to-go or Custom Recruited Team?
Price Formation for Offshore Teams
Average Hourly Rates Across the Globe

Part 3. Hiring Offshore Developers
6 Key Secrets of Successful Hiring
Senior or Junior, Swag or Economy?
Soft Skills of Perfect Offshore Worker
Hiring Timescales in Ukraine

Part 4. Managing Offshore Team
How to Manage Offshore Team?
Don’t Put Your Team on Budget
How to Avoid Remote Team Syndrome

The book is NOT about:

– traditional remote work
In this book we interpret the word “remote” differently from what you are used to. We don’t talk about working from home (we don’t). Our approach to remote work is building a team of developers who work on the client’s project from the vendor’s office.

– Qubit Labs
We collected information about different approaches to outsourcing, described the variety of offshore teams and price formation for them, estimated the approximate timing for hiring a team and illustrated it all with the examples from our practice. The idea is to show all forms of remote work and how they are applicable to different businesses.

– software development
Although we specialize in hiring developers, outsourcing also involves marketing, HR, back office process and many others. The models described in “Offshore Team 101” are applicable to all domains.

Iva Kozlovska, author of “Offshore Team 101”, shares her vision for building dedicated development teams in Ukraine. She started her career as a recruiter and the top level position in the HR department. During this time she has studied all IT outsourcing forms and price formation in each of them as well as defined benefits and drawbacks of the industry. And “Offshore Team 101” is the resume of her ten-year experience in IT outsourcing industry.

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