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30+ Best Youtube Channels to Code Like a Pro

Qubit Labs does its best to collect the most interesting pieces of information in the internet. We've arleady compiled the lists of must-read blogs for developers and top Telegram channels about programming, and this time we are glad to present you the best programming Youtube channels. Enjoy watching!

Best Youtube Channels For Learning Programming


1. Simple Programmer
Developers are fond of John Sonmez’s website with lots of tips about programmer’s life, starting from programming advice to management and productivity how-tos. Don’t want to read? Youtube is here for you!

2. TheNewBoston
This is the largest of software development of 7000+ tutorials and videos. This Youtube channel will help you to learn programming - Node.js, Angular 2, Java, PHP, JavaScript, Python and many other languages gathered in one place.

3. Learncode.academy
100% Fee tutorials, for learning web development from scratch and up to advanced levels. Here you can find videos about HTML, CSS, JavaScript, CSS Layouts, Responsive Design, React.js, Node.js, Angular.js, Docker, Dev Ops, Server Administration, Deployment Strategies, etc.

4. Academind
“There's always something to learn!” is the motto of this resource. Hell yeah! Front-End, Angular, Vue.js, data science topics are covered there.

5. ProgrammingKnowledge
ProgrammingKnowledge offers lots of materials for beginner developers. It will help you to master such technologies as Java, Python, C, .NET, and others.

6. Brackeys
If you want to become a pro in game development, this Youtube channel is what you need. High-quality videos about C#, Unity, Photoshop, and game design issues. These courses are great to start your game dev career. New vids on Sundays and Wednesdays ;)

7. sentdex
sentdex is one of the most popular and most referred to channels. It’s really worth checking if you’re interested in Python-related staff. “Python Programming tutorials, going further than just the basics.” This guy has 1000+ tutorials about machine learning, robotics, Raspberry Pi, Go, data analysis and web development.

8. Brad Hussey
Brad Hussey will guide you through the world of PHP programming with his 45 short and insightful lessons. Develop your skills in web development and web design with this teacher.

Best Youtube Tutorials on Python


1. Python and Django Tutorials Building Websites from Scratch
Django is a free and open source framework written in Python. It helps to make development fast and secure. Feel like studying it? This video is for you!

2. Python Tutorial for Beginners by Edureka
One of top Python tutorials on Youtube. Spend two hours to learn basics - features, operators, functions and file handling in Python. This is a channel to learn the programming language from scratch.

3. Python Tutorial ...

Upcoming Tech Conferences in Ukraine

Ukraine’s IT sphere shows an outstanding growth rate. New companies and offices of the well-known giants seem to emerge every month, and they are becoming bigger really fast. It’s happening thanks to a huge talent pool of highly qualified specialists - their work is attractive for European and American customers due to the reasonable prices and brilliant skills. All these factors lead to the demand for knowledge-sharing, exhibiting and engaging IT conferences in the country. We came up with a list of the events with outstanding speakers from abroad, and lots of new things to be shown to Ukrainian public.

Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Kiev


Where: Kyiv, ArtHall D12
When: Oct 12th
Entrance: 1,500–2,500₴

One of the biggest and oldest Bitcoin and Blockchain conferences in Ukraine promises to host even more specialists and attendants than the previous years. Unlike the most of similar events, it offers more in-depth technical themes and panels. The agenda is divided into three main branches - legal, programming and business.


Highload fways’17


Where: Kyiv, Cosmopolite Congress Hall
When: Oct 14th
Entrance: 2,900–3,500₴

Highload fwdays’17 is a conference dedicated to development of high-load applications and projects, distributed architecture, microservices, BigData and machine learning. The panels will also include DevOps and database management for high-load projects. The most notable speakers from Elastic, CloudFlare, SoftServe, and other companies are expected to come.


.NET Fest

dot net fest

Where: Kyiv, Cosmopolite Congress Hall
When: Oct 28th
Entrance: $150

This event is dedicated to the most popular platform for development of desktop applications and business intelligence, as well as technologies and products related to it. .NET Fest will see some of the Microsoft developers and speakers from the world’s renowned companies. Apart from .NET technology, the discussions will cover Azure, SharePoint, Office365, F#, Xamarin, microservices, DevOps etc.


Javaday Ukraine 2017


Where: Kyiv, Parkovyi Exhibition Centre
When: Nov 4-5th
Entrance: $200

Welcome to the large 5-track conference with over 50 panels, which is considered to be the Top-3 IT conference in Ukraine for three years in a row. It was created and managed by Java User Group of Ukraine. Together with EPAM Ukraine, it offers opportunities to step into Java for newcomers and to talk with the world’s top Java developers about the leading edge tech.


LvivCSS 2017


Where: Lviv, Lem Station
When: Nov 11th
Entrance: 350₴

This is a highly anticipated new conference around the modern web technologies stressing the lean and clean CSS implementation of ...

7 AI Programming Languages To Choose From

Artificial intelligence hasn’t developed its own language yet, but even with using existing programming languages humanity has achieved great results. Just recollect the 2015 breakthrough of AlphaGo. It was the first time when a machine managed to beat a human being in the most difficult board game Go, which demands a high level of abstract thinking.
Let’s have a closer look at means that make artificial intelligence real.


Homepage: https://www.python.org/
Initial release: 1991, latest release: 2017
OS: cross-platform

Python takes the first place in the list of AI development languages due to its simple and seamless structure. Simple syntax and rich text processing tool allowed it to become a perfect solution for NLP problems. Programmers can build neural networks in Python, and machine learning with Python is also much easier.

- short development time (as compared to Lips, Java or C++);
- large variety of libraries;
- high level sytax;
- supposrts object-oriented, functional and procedural styles of programming;
- good for testing algorithms without implementing them.



Homepage: https://isocpp.org/
Initial release: 1983, latest release: 2104
Influenced: Java, Python

The major advantage of C++ for AI is its speed, and one can find C++ among the fastest programming languages in the world. Since AI development demands lots of calculation fast-running programs are of ultimate importance. C++ is highly recommended for machine learning and neural network building.

-high level of abstraction;
- good for high performance;
- organize data according to object oriented pricniples;
- STL collection.



Homepage: http://lisp-lang.org/
Initial release: 1959
Influenced: Python

Lisp, being the second oldest programming language in the world (after Fortran), still holds a top position in AI creating due to its unique features. For example, Lisp has a special macro system which makes possible to develop a domain specific level of abstraction and build the next level on it. Lisp in artificial intelligence development is known for its unique flexibility as it adapts to the problem you need to solve on the contrary to the other languages that are chosen because they can complete this or that task. Developers opt for Lisp in machine learning and inductive logic projects.

- fast prototyping capabilities;
-support for symbolic expressions;
- automatic garbage collection which actually was invented for the Lisp language;
- library of connection types including dynamically-sized lists and hastables;
- efficient coding due to compilers;
- interactive evaluation of components and recompilation of files while the program is running.



Initial release: 1972
Influenced: Mercury, XSB
Dialects: Edinburgh Prolog, ISO Prolog

The name of Prolog speaks for itself; it’s one of the oldest logic programming languages. If we compare it with other languages, we can see it is declarative. It means that the logic of any program will be ...