Black Friday In The Digital Era


What is Black Friday?

In the US, Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving, and since 1932, it has been regarded as the beginning of the Christmas shopping season. Thus, most of the major retailers open very early, sometimes even overnight (at 4 am or 5 am, or even at midnight!), and offer promotional sales. The use of the term ‘Black Friday’ can be traced back to the 1960s. Usually, it is being referred to pedestrian and vehicle traffic as seen from the air in large cities. But some say, it’s because stores make so much profit, that they are going from being “in the red” to being “in the black”.

News reports show that starting 2005; this has been the busiest shopping day of the year. The annual retail spending bonanza that is Black Friday falls on November 25th this year.

Black Friday going online

It’s common for devoted shoppers to camp outside of stores over the Thanksgiving holiday to secure the first place in line for Black Friday. But with Internet technologies developing, a large number of people who were trying to avoid Black Friday stampedes, but still wanted to save money, moved their shopping online. Comfortably shopping without having to leave the house became more and more attractive over the years. Many entrepreneurs have already made the good income by selling their product online, and so can you! And this is where Qubit Labs come in to help you set up a powerful e-commerce website and/or application for your company. If you want to attract large numbers of customers, especially on occasions like Black Friday, you will need to keep your website fast, functional and operational, and our specialists will create one just like that for you.

Cyber Monday changes E-commerce

Over the years, retailers started noticing that many consumers, who didn’t find what they needed or were too busy to shop over the Thanksgiving weekend, were shopping online from home or work on Monday immediately following Black Friday. So, in 2005 the neologism Cyber Monday was invented by the National Retail Federation’s division Ever since then, Cyber Monday has been the day on which online retailers have been offering e-commerce deals to consumers.

Even though large amounts of money are being spent on Black Friday, last year’s in-store sales didn’t go as well as they used to: the average sum spent per consumer dropped 1.4%. On the other hand, e-commerce and online retail saw their best days ever! According to global analytics, 2015’s Cyber Monday saw the heaviest day of online spending ever recorded: whole $2.28 billion were spent on online purchases by desktop computer users. And if you include sales from mobile device users, Cyber Monday sales surpassed $3.1 billion. Check out this great breakdown of Cyber Monday of 2015 for more details!

Most popular tools used by online stores

Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals made prominent. The customer should see them right away!

  • Creating a sense of urgency by including a countdown timer
  • Building trust, or example with Trust seals, phone numbers customers can call if they have questions, and guarantees
  • Making value propositions and competitive differentiators clear. In other words, explaining what makes your store better than others.
  • Personalizing offers and targeting messages based on a customer’s search history, for example.
  • Encouraging customers to share promotions, which spreads the reach of the website.
  • Reliable, quick and easy-to-use mobile version

As you see, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are two excellent occasions for you as a seller to revamp your website or to have a new one developed according to latest trends. And maybe you’d like to try outsourcing website stuff to a vendor to get more time for dealing with your core responsibilities during your high season.
To sum up, these are some of the most popular tools used by online stores nowadays. Good luck!