Big Data software becomes more popular each year as the technology evolves and becomes
more complicated, yet more affordable. Modern technologies allow us finally decipher the meaning of data we
have been observing for years but could not collect and analyze. Behold the technology that will change BI
software as we know it forever.


Qubit Labs is an Estonian Software
Development Company
with R&D office in Ukraine that works side by side with our clients from all
over the world. We help create a new, smart approach to business tools and software in many industries.
Starting from Agriculture to Banking. We are a responsive, agile team that is head over heels with modern
cutting edge technologies and exquisite taste in design. We pride ourselves to be fundamental in our work
and bring software development outsourcing to the highest standards.


If a human brain were a computer, it could perform 38 thousand trillion operations per second, but it does
not. The most powerful modern computer can do as much as 0.02% of what a human brain could. But with the
power, we gained using these abilities of BiG Data technologies; the humanity made a huge leap in
understanding the world around us. Big Data opens the door of opportunities for people to pick through and
understand trends and the interconnections between things. So what Qubit Labs can do to empower your
business with Big Data?

The amount of data that is collected for business needs can no longer be
processed in near real-time using legacy BI Systems. Qubit Labs can help you to understand what type of
storage will suit your business the most: SQL, NoSQL, in-memory, distributed databases; Hadoop (HDFS,
Sqoop, Flume, MR, Pig, Hive, Impala, Mahou); GWT, JSF, JavaScript
frameworks; Cluster management: Zookeeper, Curator, Hue, Helix etc; virtualization: OpenStack, AWS,
CloudStack, Yarn, Mesos, LXC, Ltmctfy,KVM, Xen, Hyper-V. Moreover, that’s not the whole list of what can
be done.

Using modern technologies like IoT, Embedded Applications, Built-in collection
software, and Edge analytics can help you collect the necessary information about your customers,
employees, machinery or environment. Qubit Labs has the expertise and dedicated offshore developers you
can hire
to perform all kinds of solutions that will help you collect required information and
process it.

To obtain a wise business strategy, a company must have a precise understanding
of the processes that matter to its business success. Big Data analytics empowers you with the
scientific approach to your business. Qubit Labs has both scientific methodology and hands-on approach
to solving such non-trivial tasks like:

  • Data analytics for smart devices, wearables, and consumer electronics
  • Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning
  • Data lakes design and data wrangling
  • Scientific-based analytic techniques


Apart from being good at software development, Qubit Labs team has extensive expertise
in hardware design and
. We build smart thing empowered by Internet of Things. Visit our IoT page to know more.


Bid Gate technologies help businesses grow daily in different industries. No matter if
you work in Travel and Hospitality, Agrotech or Finance and Banking, if you think that it would be great to
give a boost to your business, write us today, and we will help you empower your company with the support of
Big Data.