30+ Best Youtube Channels to Code Like a Pro

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Qubit Labs (our main goal is to find and hire best Ukrainian developers for our clients at best outsourcing rates, also check more about what is IT Outsourcing) does its best to collect the most interesting pieces of information in the internet. We’ve arleady compiled the lists of must-read blogs for developers and top Telegram channels about programming, and this time we are glad to present you the best programming Youtube channels. Enjoy watching!

Best Youtube Channels For Learning Programming

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1. Simple Programmer
Developers are fond of John Sonmez’s website with lots of tips about programmer’s life, starting from programming advice to management and productivity how-tos. Don’t want to read? Youtube is here for you!

2. TheNewBoston
This is the largest of software development of 7000+ tutorials and videos. This Youtube channel will help you to learn programming – Node.js, Angular 2, Java, PHP, JavaScript, Python and many other languages gathered in one place.

3. Learncode.academy
100% Fee tutorials, for learning web development from scratch and up to advanced levels. Here you can find videos about HTML, CSS, JavaScript, CSS Layouts, Responsive Design, React.js, Node.js, Angular.js, Docker, Dev Ops, Server Administration, Deployment Strategies, etc.

4. Academind
“There’s always something to learn!” is the motto of this resource. Hell yeah! Front-End, Angular, Vue.js, data science topics are covered there.

5. ProgrammingKnowledge
ProgrammingKnowledge offers lots of materials for beginner developers. It will help you to master such technologies as Java, Python, C, .NET, and others.

6. Brackeys
If you want to become a pro in game development, this Youtube channel is what you need. High-quality videos about C#, Unity, Photoshop, and game design issues. These courses are great to start your game dev career. New vids on Sundays and Wednesdays 😉

7. sentdex
sentdex is one of the most popular and most referred to channels. It’s really worth checking if you’re interested in Python-related staff. “Python Programming tutorials, going further than just the basics.” This guy has 1000+ tutorials about machine learning, robotics, Raspberry Pi, Go, data analysis and web development.

8. Brad Hussey
Brad Hussey will guide you through the world of PHP programming with his 45 short and insightful lessons. Develop your skills in web development and web design with this teacher.

Best Youtube Tutorials on Python

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1. Python and Django Tutorials Building Websites from Scratch
Django is a free and open source framework written in Python. It helps to make development fast and secure. Feel like studying it? This video is for you!

2. Python Tutorial for Beginners by Edureka
One of top Python tutorials on Youtube. Spend two hours to learn basics – features, operators, functions and file handling in Python. This is a channel for Python developers to be.

Best Youtube Channels to Learn Java

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1. Free Java course online for beginners
Are you a newbie Java programmer? Stick to this course and code like a pro. These 52 short videos (up to 10 min) hosted by DJ Spiess will reveal you all the secrets of Java development.

2. Java Tutorial For Beginners Videos
Core Java and Advanced Java step by step. The course is designed for people willing to learn this programming language from scratch. You’ll study object-oriented programming concepts, Java loops and threads, Java design patterns and many other helpful things.

3. Java Brains
The whole Youtube channel dedicated to Java and JavaScript. Koushik Kothagal will teach you the fundamentals of coding and Java Enterprise Edition platform that “are common to most enterprise use cases, like database connectivity, message queues, security and so on.”

4. Cave of Programming
John Purcell, founded Cave of Programming in 2011 to share his experience and knowledge of software development. What you can find here is detailed explanations of coding processes with the stress on Java programming.

Best Youtube Ruby on Rails Tutorials

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1. Codemy School
After watching tutorials by Codemy School, you’ll get a better understanding of Ruby on Rails, Docker, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, CoffeeScript. Oh, and one more interesting thing about this channel, it tells how to use Git and how to start a company.

2. RubyThursday
This is an ultimate collection of videos dedicated to Ruby programming. You can also find there Ruby Roundtables discussing games, machine learning and software consulting.

3. Start Here Media SHM
This is the place where you should start learning Ruby on Rails. And Dain Miller, the host of the channel, will be your mentor on your way to becoming a full-fledged web developer.

Best Youtube Channels to Learn Web Development

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1. Dev Tips
Getting 6 million views on Youtube is not that simple, but Travis Nielson managed to do it with his educational and informative videos about web design and development. He publishes new materials every week, so check out his channel regularly.

2. Neil Rowe
Helpful WordPress tutorials, HTML/CSS fundamentals, responsive web design tricks and lots of other web development tutorials. Neil also keeps vlogs about entrepreneurial stuff.

3. LearnWebCode
Web developer Brad Schiff knows everything about CSS, JavaScript, and WordPress (And a pleasant bonus – there are also some cats in his vids!) He is glad to share his “knowledge through accessible lessons, tips, and examples.”

4. WebDevMentors
This channel is aimed at providing accessible materials on the web and mobile development technologies. Python, Java, Bootstrap, and JavaScript are the areas they specialize in.

5. LevelUpTuts
Scott Tolinsky filmed 840+ video tutorials you can watch for free to enrich your knowledge of UX, WordPress Customizing, CSS, React, Gulp, Meteor, Polymer and many other useful things for web developers.

Best Youtube WordPress Tutorials

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1. WebTegrity
WebTegrity describe themselves as a team of developers passionate about WordPress. They mastered this technology perfectly, and now they are eager to share best website practices with you.

2. Tyler Moore
Don’t have any coding experience? It’s not a problem for Tyler; he will explain you WordPress techniques in details, “step by step with no step skipped”.

3. WPBeginner – WordPress Tutorials
Are you starting learning WP from scratch? Try this Youtube channel to learn WP Basics and WP Plugins from easy to understand videos.

Best Web Design Youtube Channels

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1. Tuts+ Web Design
Watch this channel to develop your creative and technical skills in web design. They “publish tutorials that not only produce great results and interfaces, but explain the techniques behind them in a friendly, approachable manner.”

2. CharliMarieTV
This channel is worth checking every Saturday because this is the time when Charli posts her video tips about design. Moreover, she highlights the everyday life of designers, gives workflow advice and chats about design concepts.

3. Mackenzie Child
Mackenzie Child is a product designer, illustrator, and teacher. He covers such topics as illustration, character creation, product launch, etc. He endears people with his sincerity: “Oh, I should also probably mention that I have no idea what I’m doing… I’m just making it up as I go along.”

4. Teela Cunningham
Teela specializes in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and hand lettering, and what is important is that her tutorials vary in levels so you can start learning from scratch or go to the advanced level tips.

5. Adam Khoury
“Master development technologies like JavaScript, PHP, SQL, HTML, CSS, ActionScript and more. Learn to code and design like a professional.”

Best Youtube Channels for Mobile Developers

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1. Jared Davidson
“Mate you are the only YouTuber who helped me a lot with swift from complete newbie to a pro.” This is what people say about Jared. He certainly knows how to teach Swift from A to Z.

2. Brian Advent
If you want to learn iOS and macOS development by examples, this channel is what you need. Swift basics, UIKit, Cocoa in plain and simple words.

3. Lets Build That App
Brian Vong, the founder of this channel, promises to take you “beyond making simple blog and calculator apps to explore how professionals create million dollar projects.” Sounds interesting, isn’t it? He teaches Swift, Android Kotlin and shows how to build such apps as Youtube or Facebook.

4. Stanford iOS
The course of Swift classes conducted by Professor Paul Hegarty at Stanford University. You will learn the mobile operating system by Apple as of 2016 and Swift 2.


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