100+ Best Tech Blogs to Follow: Latest Technology News and Projects

Svitlana Rumyantseva
Project Manager

Top IT News Blogs

This collection of resources will be interesting for those who want to keep up with latest news in technology sphere. They cover everything starting from reviews on the newest gadgets to Virtual Reality issues.  More information about how you can hire offshore developers or about average development rates and outsourcing destinations.

Top IT News Blogs

1. Wanna know the latest news about Google Cloud? That’s the right place to visit https://blog.google/topics/google-cloud/.

2. For 13 years this website highlights the trends and tendencies in technology, game and entertainment industries. Looking for new gadgets? Read reviews on mobiles, computers, cameras and many other things https://www.engadget.com/.

3. The world famous collection of information about startups and all the possible events for them. Our personal choice is interview section with influencers shaping the minds of young IT generation https://techcrunch.com/.

4. Tech overview from every corner of the world – Asia, Australia, UK, etc. Btw, not only tech is covered here but also news on marketing, business, social media and lots of other interesting stuff http://mashable.com/tech/.

5. A must-visit website for every tech-savvy person. Starting from mobile and web development and up to security issues can be found here https://dzone.com/.

6. This website is worth visiting if you want to know more about Virtual Reality, iPhone or Android apps or mobile games. Feel like discussing the news? Participate in The Verge Forum then! https://www.theverge.com/tech.

7. InfoQueue has more narrow specialization in comparison with previously mentioned resources. Testing and Project Management, Data Analytics and Machine Learning, Web Design and App Development… It fulfils all your needs in software development-related information https://www.infoq.com/.

8. Ars longa, vita brevis? Hurry up to enrich your knowledge of IT business and familiarize with scientific approach to technologies with Ars Technica https://arstechnica.com/.

9. Collection of device reviews and the freshest stories about computing, games and smart homes for trendy people https://www.digitaltrends.com/.

10. A cherry on the top of this section. From mobile to PC, TechRadar covers all gadgets to reveal their secret properties http://www.techradar.com/.



Top Web Design Blogs

Interested in HTML & CSS development or latest web design trends? Or maybe you look for some freebies? Have a look at this ultimate collection of web design blogs then.

Top Web Design Blogs

1. Full of infographics and free resources, this site will tell you not only the secrets of web design but also will introduce you to the basics of landing page optimization and provide the brightest examples of marketing solutions https://unbounce.com/blog/.

2. Web design paradize. Searching for fonts or icons? Need info about UI or simply a flash of inspiration? You’ll get it here https://webdesignledger.com/.

3. Almost 20 year history of A List Apart make their advice priceless. The website brings together the best web design and web development practices and solutions https://alistapart.com/.

4. Tina Roth Eisenberg, Swiss Miss, offers you her vision of graphic design and UI. Definitely worth checking http://www.swiss-miss.com/.

5. Watch out! You may stuck here for hours discovering UX, WordPress and graphic tools tips and tricks https://www.smashingmagazine.com.

6. To catch up with the latest trends you have to read this blog. And, imho, the best part of it is illustration and graphic design tutorials https://envato.com/blog/.

7. How can you benefit from Photoshop, animation, visual effects? All these topics are highlighted here. And even more! https://1stwebdesigner.com/

8. We all like freebies, don’t we? So here you are. And also tutorials for both Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator, tips for WP themes and plugins, and also lots of advice about responsive design https://designmodo.com/.

9. This taxi will bring you to the world of high content on web design, graphic design, It’s also a rare occasion to read posts about redesign http://designtaxi.com.

10. Codrops focuses on the recent web design techniques. Both articles and tutorials are available here free of charge https://tympanus.net/codrops/.

11. You can really trust them as they gather the latest news about design, photography, and technology. It’s your way to keep your finger on the pulse http://designyoutrust.com/.

12. Design Shack started in 2003, and since that time it’s provided its readers with “inspiring examples of design, alongside resources and articles that teach you how to succeed in the same way”. HTML, CSS, navigation and layouts can be found here https://designshack.net/.

13. Amazing web design blog about stylish strategies designers can use for inspiration and practise https://www.noupe.com/category/design.

14. Chris Spooner founded this blog to share resources and tutorials for you are welcome to use to master design https://blog.spoongraphics.co.uk/.

15. With 10+ years of experience this web resource will surely provide you with true gems in web design industry. You can create your own unique style with the help of their time-saving and simple techniques https://speckyboy.com/.

16. Self-development is your ultimate goal? Then we’ve found a really nice platform for your education. Broaden your knowledge of web design (and also game development and programming languages) here for free https://webdesign.tutsplus.com/.



Top Blogs About Programming Languages

What do have here? Some treasures for programmers who code in PHP, JavaScript, HTLM, CSS, C++, Ruby, .Net etc.

Top Blogs About Programming Languages

1. Started in 2005 by Dr. Axel Rauschmayer, the blog is dedicated to the topic of JavaScript and web development. Read to find out more about the present and future of ECMAScript language http://2ality.com/.

2. You can find everything you need in one blog – HTML5, CSS, JavaScript (MooTools, jQuery, Dojo), PHP, AJAX and usability tips provided by David Walsh, Senior Software Engineer in Mozilla https://davidwalsh.name/.

3. Founded by Jack Franklin, JS Playground offers you the best insight on the above mentioned programming language http://javascriptplayground.com/.

4. If you are interested in JavaScript the blog by Stoyan Stefanov is what you need. Beside writing to his blog, he also published such books as JavaScript for PHP developers, JavaScript Patterns , Object-Oriented JavaScript, and The Book of Speed http://www.phpied.com/.

5. The name speaks for itself, JS development news, articles, tutorials and even code snippets are here at your disposal https://www.javacodegeeks.com/.

6. Not really a blog but a collection of resources for C, C++, C#, .Net, Visual Basic, Java, Ruby, PHP, Perl, Python developers http://programmersheaven.com/.

7. Well known Java experts write their articles for this resource to provide you with the latest information about development and integrating Java-based solutions http://www.javaworld.com/.

8. This is a popular blog among those who are keen on Java coding and are willing to know more about data structure and design patterns http://javarevisited.blogspot.com/.



Top Web Development Blogs

Enrich your knowledge of web development tricks with WordPress, PHP, and JavaScript annd read some tips of well-known bloggers in the industry like Martin Wolf here.

Top Web Development Blogs

1. One of the top online magazines dedicated to web development is OXP. With its help you’ll be able to be in the picture of it main techniques together with details on web design https://onextrapixel.com/.

2. One of the leading blogs for sharing experiences using Magento and open source codes. Landofcoder is known as a place to share the latest knowledge about Magento and what revolves around the world of building e-commerce websites: https://blog.landofcoder.com/

3. To dig into the niceties of WordPress we’d recommend you to pay your attention to this website. You’ll get themes and plugins classified according to industries, and of course info how to develop them properly http://www.vandelaydesign.com/wordpress/.

4. Talented “websitemaker” from Manchester. His client-oriented approaches and idea of involving clients into website creation processes evolved into informative articles he kindly shares in his blog https://dbushell.com/blog/.

5. Every sphere has it own news, and if you’re looking for the WP novelties, here you are https://wptavern.com/.

6. Once a team of three full stack’ers decided to create CodePen.IO, and now we are more than grateful to these guys for founding a playground for front-end developers to discuss their projects, find bugs and get feedbacks https://blog.codepen.io/.

7. The ultimate goal of these guys is to vet better web developers. Sounds interesting? Then welcome to the community of DeveloperDrive http://www.developerdrive.com/category/web-development-2/.

8. Who likes the lists of “top 100+ something”? Obviously you do, if you are here. And that’s exactly what CSS Author offers. Have a look at the website http://www.cssauthor.com/ or check their Twitter to find what you need.

9. One of the greatest sources of WordPress guidelines, how-to’s and tutorials is WPKube. It also contains a special section for beginners so be ready for study something new in a simple way https://www.wpkube.com/.

10. This website is the story of sell-taught web developer that inspires and teach how to become a professional in this sphere. This portal is valuable for both – those who has just started and those who wants to improve their knowledge. https://levelupdev.co/ .



Top Artificial Intelligence Blogs

This part of the list is dedicated to AI and all the related things – machine learning, deep learning, NLP etc. Find out what is the future of chatbots and how scientist are developing the idea of smart and safe technologies.

Top Artificial Intelligence Blogs

1. AI Trends is one of the top media channels in the Artificial Intelligence sector. Great news for those who like attending conferences – they hold annual AI World Conference and Expo https://aitrends.com/.

2. Dr. Jason Brownlee can show you the way out if you feel lost in the dark forest of machine learning. His vast experience in AI and applying machine learning to weather forecasting and defence industries allow him to write useful articles and books on the topic http://machinelearningmastery.com/blog/.

3. Smart future, intelligent applications, deep learning. Future is closer than you think, Algorithmia will prove it http://blog.algorithmia.com/.

4. Ultimate source of the latest AI news is the NewsFinder that scans trusted websites and collects the bests pieces of information. By the way, it is an application of AI itself. So check out what a machine’s prepared for you to read https://aitopics.org/search.

5. They know how the future will look like and are ready to prepare you to the changes. No fortune telling, only fact based information here https://machinelearnings.co/.

6. One more application of AI is chatbot. And this creation has already a magazine dedicated only to chatbot issues. Details about Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Slack and NLP https://chatbotsmagazine.com/.

7. “Best place to learn about chatbots.” Yes, and also about AI, NLP, and its applicationhttps://chatbotslife.com/.

8. A team of 60 AI researchers in OpenAI are working hard to give you the gist of AI capabilities and build a safe future based on smart machine usage https://openai.com/.

9. Machine Intelligence Research Institute (MIRI) mission is “to ensure that the creation of smarter-than-human intelligence has a positive impact.” How it can be achieved and what do they do read here https://intelligence.org/blog/.



Top Game Development Blogs

Fast-growing industry of game development also has lots of things to impress you. No matter if you are a gamer or game developer all these resources will be of great help as there you can find everythins starting from game reviews to tip on how to create one.

Top Game Development Blogs

1. Perfect place for those who want to develop their own games but don’t know where to start. Lots of useful tutorials and guides in game programming, art, game engines and all related stuff http://www.gamefromscratch.com.

2. Articles, news and guides about any area of video games. Have something to share? Start your own blog at http://www.gamasutra.com/.

3. Procedural World is a page dedicated to creating a whole world just with your pc. Here you will find guides and notes about computer graphics, generation of terrain, buildings and flora http://procworld.blogspot.com/.

4. This community discusses news and topics about game development in general https://www.gamedev.net/.

5. Game development as a business – marketing, publishing, and promoting. It includes a calendar of important events. Editors’ team includes co-founder of IndustryGames James Brightman, Brendan Sinclaire, Dan Pearson, and others http://www.gamesindustry.biz/.

6. Latest tendencies and trends are discussed in this European media. Regular interviews with the best professionals in the field http://www.develop-online.net.

7. Game news, yearly calendar of game releases, opinions and insight from gamers chair https://venturebeat.com/category/games/.

8. The page title speaks for itself. Here you get the most recent news and trailers aggregated from chosen websites and resources like Rock Paper Shotgun or EuroGamer http://www.gamenewshq.com/.

9. Exclusive content about game industry including in-depth researches and video coverage http://www.gamesauce.biz/.

10. Guides on how to run a presentation, sell and advertise your game to get a success for indie developers http://www.gamesbrief.com/.



Top IoT Blogs

How to develop and build IoT, how to advertise IoT, how to sell IoT and many other useful “how-to’s”- all these topics are covered in the following part of our blog collection.

Top IoT Blogs

1. Brain trust concentrated on the internet of things conception. IoT Council highlights news, promotion and conference information http://www.theinternetofthings.eu/.

2. Being a successful investor, thinker and mentor David Orban writes about networks and and their impact on humans http://www.davidorban.com/blog/.

3. Network technologies are always in a state of constant changes. IoT Agenda aims to help you adapt to them. Articles and essays explain how exactly material things interact with virtual networks http://internetofthingsagenda.techtarget.com.

4. Adafruit reviews technological innovations, both software and hardware. Also there is a great deal of useful do-it-yourself guides https://blog.adafruit.com/.

5. Overview of general IoT trends, new applications, start-ups and companies. Find there in-depth analytics on the topic http://iotworm.com/.

6. IoT Now online blog where different authors write about IoT security, analyze IoT companies’ stories of success, review books and guides on related topics https://www.iot-now.com/blogs/.

7. Reports on global state of IoT industry, news roundups, detailed analyses, Q&A with experienced specialists http://www.iotjournal.com/.

8. Discussions and studies about advertisement, practical uses of IoT and future development opportunities https://www.iottechnews.com/.

9. IoT One accelerates the Industrial Internet of Things by providing detailed information about IoT vendors and solutions. You can not only read read their articles but also attend offline conferences they curate https://www.iotone.com/.



Top Quality Assurance Blogs

We picked up the blogs of the most talented experts in QA – they share their ideas, experience and advice to help you master testing.

Top Quality Assurance Blogs

1. Notes of Daniel Knott who has been working in QA since 2008. His responsibilities include a whole test management process. He is an author of a couple books such as Hands-On Mobile App Testing and Smartwatch App Testing http://adventuresinqa.com/.

2. StickyMinds shares methods and know-hows to make their fellow QA testers’ work easier and more effective, publishes Better Software magazine and runs web-conferences and seminars https://www.stickyminds.com/.

3. Tips and tutorials for both experienced testers and newbies in QA industry http://www.softwaretestinghelp.com/.

4. Homepage of Ministry of Testing which runs numerous educative events worldwide. Ask questions and write answers on QA forum https://www.ministryoftesting.com/news/.

5. Besides usual stuff such as guides and musings about QA profession, here you can find yearly digest of most important QA world events, Agile testing, SaaS testing and test management http://qablog.practitest.com/.

6. Website optimization, code understanding and data analysis are the things covered there. Hints and tips about various testing tools and practices https://www.blazemeter.com/blog.

7. Great and easy-to-understand writings by Parimala Hariprasad about work techniques, professional reading and user experience http://curioustester.blogspot.com/.

8. Friendly recommendations for fellow testers from Shrini Kulkarni who dispels some QA myths and gives useful guides for a variety of testing tasks http://shrinik.blogspot.com/.

9. DevelopSense is a blog of Michael Bolton who has been providing testing services since 1998. Find his courses and presentations on http://www.developsense.com/blog/.



Top Big Data Blogs

You will be delighted to read personal blogs of such data scientists as Galit Shmueli, Renee M. P. Teate or Armin Grossenbacher. Learn the details of data mining and data visualisation, and how information can be beautiful.

Top Big Data Blogs

1. What do data processing and math have in common? Dr. AnnMaria De Mars explains it there http://www.thejuliagroup.com/blog/.

2. Galit Shmueli, Distinguished Professor at the Institute of Service Science discusses such topics as data mining, data visualization and predictive analytics http://www.bzst.com/.

3. Armin Grossenbacher created Blog about Stats so his fellow statistical researchers have a place to openly exchange ideas and opinions https://blogstats.wordpress.com/.

4. Extensive expertise in software engineering and data science allows Ryan Swanstrom to explain you the most difficult issues in simple words http://101.datascience.community/.

5. Renee M. P. Teate decided to document her path to becoming a data scientist. She also runs a podcast offered in both video and audio options on the same subject, interviewing others about their unique paths into the field http://www.becomingadatascientist.com/.

6. Forecasting, statistics and machine learning are the topics you look for? Rob J Hyndman’s blog is an ultimate source of information for you http://robjhyndman.com/hyndsight/.

7. Home to all Big Data and Analytics related content, this page provides podcasts, infographics, videos, presentations etc. Brought to you by IBM http://www.ibmbigdatahub.com/blogs.

8. A helping hand for those who want to become a data engineer or data scientist. Additionally, learn more about AI and Deep Learning issues there https://blog.insightdatascience.com/.

9. David McCandless, the author of this blog, is a writer and designer who strongly believes that “Information is beautiful” http://www.informationisbeautiful.net/blog/.

10. Prashat Chandramohan writes about Master Data Management with a passion of a true geek and tech-lover, as he proudly admits http://www.mdmgeek.com/.



Top Mobile Development Blogs

Android, iOS or cross-platform – a perrennial question for business owners. Of course, mobile developers have different issues but both the former and the latter will discover a lot of new information in the next resources.

Top Mobile Development Blogs

1. Main goal of Benedict Evans is to forecast future trends of technological progress including mobile development straight from Silicon Valley http://ben-evans.com/.

2. Have any issues with Android development? Solutions and fresh ideas are waiting for you there https://android-developers.googleblog.com/.

3. Ray Wenderlich, author of a dozen of books on iOS development, does perfect video tutorials weekly https://www.raywenderlich.com/.

4. Erica Sadun describes her own experience with iOS including code examples with detailed commentaries http://ericasadun.com/.

5. iOS Dev Weekly is a newspaper about iOS development- Swift, UI/UX and App Store are discussed there http://iosdevweekly.com/

6. And Android Weekly is full of tutorials, news on libraries and coding, and conference lists http://androidweekly.net/

7. For 10 years already AndroidGuys has been providing their readers with objective opinions on new apps and products http://www.androidguys.com/.

8. Guides and tutorials for almost any Android device. Learn more about Android updates there http://androidadvices.com/.

9. Detailed photo and video reviews of Android phones, tablets, smartwatches and others http://www.droidmatters.com/.

10. How about some mobile development tools? Guides and examples of use, functionality descriptions https://blog.xamarin.com/.

11. James Montemagno, a Microsoft employee, writes and talks about life of a mobile developer http://motzcod.es/.

12. Jonathan Peppers passion is C# development and mobile apps. His blog tells about his numerous projects and experience http://jonathanpeppers.com/.

A note for voracious readers: still wanna know more? Check out our article about Telegram channels for software developers. And if you’re a bit tired of reading, here you’ll find a collection of top Youtube channels about programming.


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