Best Software Engineer Blogs to Check Out Today

Vlada Sirosh
Research Specialist

Keeping an eye on the constantly-emerging software development trends is a must for any tech specialist. Yet, finding credible resources might be tricky. But Qubit Labs has your back. We gathered some of the best software engineer blogs that provide valuable information and can lead to new ideas. 

Please know that the blogs below aren’t by no means ranked or in a particular order. 

Now, let’s get down to them.  


1.Qubit Labs

qubit labs blog

Qubit Labs is an outstaffing software development company experienced in working with businesses from all over the world. The company regularly updates its website, posting research-based articles on various tech topics. The blog will be beneficial for software developers and owners of IT companies. There, you can find well-developed guides on popular and niche technologies, a review of software engineers’ salaries in the world, case studies, and insights about offshore software development, to name a few. 


2. Machine Learning Mastery

Machine Learning Mastery Blog

This is one of the best software blogs that help people get started with machine learning and not get lost in the sea of resources, courses, articles, and books. The author shares his missteps to help the readers learn from them and explains how he solves various problems for his clients using ML.


3. The Pragmatic Engineer

The Pragmatic Engineer Blog

If you’ve been looking for a blog filled with insightful articles and not just transitional compilations of the best tools or something like that, the Pragmatic Engineer is for you. The author shares what motivates him explains how to master the interviewing process talks about how the work is done in big teams and discloses his thoughts on programmers’ salaries in the world. This site can be rightfully called one of the best blogs for software engineers because it gives a comprehensive overview of the topics associated with the tech world.


4. martinFowler

martinFowler blog

The blog was created by an experienced tech specialist who is eager to share his knowledge with the audience and finds the best ways to explain complicated topics using easy terms. There, you can find articles about agile software development, architecture, microservices, refactoring, and testing. Also, the site provides tips on how to eliminate common software development issues, so make sure to check it out. 


5. McFunley

McFunley blog

This is one of the best software development blogs, especially for those who prefer a creative approach to the text over a formal one. The author explains various topics, for example, choosing the right technology for you. But he makes the posts more fun to read by adding various illustrations, photos from his life, and memes.


6. Fabien Sanglard’s Website

Fabien Sanglard's Website blog

Fabien is a professional software developer who decided to share some of his ideas about programming with the readers. He is also an author of several books on technical topics and has been blogging since 2008. So, Fabien’s blog certainly has something you’ll find beneficial.


7. Chip Huyen

Chip Huyen blog

Although this is a relatively new blog, the readers enjoy the author’s comprehensive approach to writing the articles. Chip teaches Machine Learning Systems Design at Stanford. She’s the author of four best-selling Vietnamese books, and her book on machine learning interviews can be accessed for free. The author uses her storytelling skills and logical frameworks to make her articles more engaging. So, this is definitely one of the best blogs for software developers.


8. Jamie Brandon

Jamie Brandon blog

Being an independent researcher, Jamie shares his opinions on an array of topics, complementing how writing with critical data he received during his research activities. On his blog, you can find information about relational programming, streaming/incremental systems, SQL, interfaces, programming languages, distributed systems, and a bunch of other topics. Also, Jamie shared his practices about setting goals and testing, to name a few. 


9. Learn2Torials

Learn2Torials blog

The blog’s founder is a full-stack developer passionate about programming and blogging. During his free time, the author writes research-based articles on different tech topics to help the developer community address various issues they might have encountered. He believes that sharing knowledge with others and expanding the expertise where it is lacking are core principles for most tech specialists. He enjoys working with Node Js, React/Redux, PHP. Many professionals consider it one of the best software engineer blogs because it’s filled with practical information and answers many programming questions.


10. David Ford

David Ford blog

This Medium-based blog covers various cases the developers may encounter during their work. The author combines tips on programming with book reviews and interviews. Although there’s not much content, it’s still one of the best software blogs where tech specialists can find author’s opinions about Scrum and its sprints, Trello, and Kotlin.


11. Codelivly

Codelivly blog

Codelivly is one of the best blogs for software engineers with different experience levels who want to advance their skills. The site provides tutorials, for example, on Kotlin programming, covering topics related to general programmings, such as tips to become a great programmer and top-rated tools for developers. Also, there are many articles on AI, web development, and cybersecurity. There, you can also check out the developer’s roadmap and get to know how to create projects in different industries, for example, on creating a Netflix-like website. 


12. Coding N Concepts

Coding N Concepts blog

This is a technical blog for developers by developers. The specialists help fellow software engineers understand coding concepts in a simplified way. The authors put effort into providing complete and precise information about various topics in their blog posts. They update each post with the latest announcements to keep their readers in the loop. Being recognized as one of the best software development blogs, the site focuses on such areas as programming language tutorials and system design tutorials, to name a few. 


13. CodeWithMike

CodeWithMike blog

This is a remarkable blog for those who want to know more about the gaming industry and its trends. The author shares tips on protecting the computer from viruses, explains how streaming platforms help promote new games, reviews various devices, and explains what features make certain products skyrocket.


14. CodeSnail

CodeSnail blog

Being one of the best blogs for software developers, CodeSnail provides tutorials, tips, and lists that make it easier for users to grasp certain topics. There, you can find information about web development, steps on becoming a better programmer, and tools that will help you improve your software development efforts.


15. blog

This blog is filled with high-quality articles on various topics, from machine learning to Haskell software. Also, it offers reading the interviews with many tech professionals, checking out materials about AI, and looking through research on how specific technologies can affect the projects or who the greatest women in programming are. 


16. CatOnMat

CatOnMat blog

The author’s blog is a member of the world’s largest startup network that has already launched several websites and news aggregators. The author shares insights about the projects he’s working on and tells about software development tools that help him achieve great results. The blog started in 2007, so it’s definitely worth your attention because it’s filled with programming tidbits that might come into use. 


17. NSHipster 

NSHipster blog

If you’re interested in coding, this might be one of the best software engineer blogs for you. It covers the topics related to Swift, Xcode, Objective-C, Trivia, open-source, and miscellaneous info. There are many unique texts that help readers understand how to address the causes that seem to be intractable.


18. Hongkiat

Hongkiat blog

This website provides information on tech, design, and technology alongside inspirational content. The blog regularly offers insightful reads about software development tips, tricks, techniques, and tools. Also, it’s a perfect place for web designers, entrepreneurs, and web developers to stay on the same page with all the updates and trends in the tech industry. 


19. make it click

make it click blog

If you’ve been looking for the best blogs for software engineers, this one might be the right fit. The site offers free access to high-quality courses, tools, and templates. Its collection of learning resources is constantly growing, so you can learn sought-after digital skills to gain more experience and learn the apps you’ve never tried before. 


20. cmsMinds

cmsMinds blog

The website has numerous software development articles covering various topics, from WordPress to Laravel. The company’s developers provide their opinions about diverse technologies and tell readers how to solve common programming issues. 


21. Initial Commit Blog

Initial Commit Blog

Being one of the best software development blogs, Initial Commit Blog is a great place to find information on many programming-related topics. For example, if you’ve always wanted to know about Python functions, Java Visualizer, third-party software — you’ll find it on this website. Also, it tells about the time required to learn coding, the most complex programming language to learn, and software developer salaries. 


22. Hey There Buddo!

Hey There Buddo! blog

This is one of the best blogs for software developers because its author tries to keep in the style of a lab notebook, which makes all the articles look like your fellow computer specialist wrote them. The posts include the author’s thoughts on various tech advancements, tutorials, and examples of the tasks he’s been working on.


23. CodePen Blog

CodePen Blog

This blog is a wonderful place for people interested in knowing the nitty-gritty of software development. It often posts articles about the trends in the tech industry, drops links to podcast episodes, and offers many IT specialists to share their opinions on the advancement of the tech sphere. 


24. Hyperiondev Blog

Hyperiondev Blog

This is a rather unique tech blog because apart from reviewing software development trends, it focuses on sharing inspiring success stories of people who weren’t afraid to say “yes” to new opportunities and change their lives. For example, you can read about a musician who decided to become an associate software engineer. Also, the site reviews in-demand tech careers and shares free resources that help its readers improve their skills. 


25. CSS Tricks

CSS Tricks blog

Knowing software development tricks helps programmers of any experience levels deliver better results within a shorter time. The blog is a real catch for tech specialists because there, you can find many tips that will facilitate your performance. For example, you can read about scroll-triggered animation in JavaScript, WordPress, CSS updates, Front-end tools, and more. 


26. Programming Throwdown

Programming Throwdown blog

This isn’t particularly a blog in its traditional meaning, but more of a site where you can find links to the podcasts hosted by the website’s authors. These podcasts cover various topics, such as serverless computing, project planning, and edge computing. The hosts invite experts from different industries to make their talks more credible.  


27. Codingvila

Codingvila blog

This is one of the best software engineer blogs because it was created by a fellow programmer who aimed to help tech specialists/beginners by providing articles and blogs on web and software development. The site offers a bunch of categories to choose from, so whether you need information about SQL and Cloud — you’ll find it there. 


28. Pragmatic Ways

Pragmatic Ways blog

What’s great about this website is that it is dedicated to helping developers write better code. The blog focuses on top-rated software development practices, design patterns, data structures, and algorithms. Also, it provides information on refactoring legacy software and a bunch of aspects critical for developers that help them write quality code. 


29. HTML Dog

HTML Dog blog

This is one of the best software blogs that helps its readers stay up to date with the innovations in the tech industry and has been sharing valuable code tips since 2003. The articles are presented in a readable, easy-to-understand manner. It demonstrates code in action, offers reading detailed guides, provides step-by-step tutorials, and explains what techniques can be used together. 


30. Vanilla Java

Vanilla Java blog

If you’ve been looking for the best blogs for software engineers, you have to check this one out. It has an array of insightful reads on programming, covering such topics as microservices, unusual Java, and exception handling. 


31. Geshan’s Blog

Geshan's blog

Geshan’s blog is an outstanding software engineering blog. All posts are written by an experienced software engineer. It was started in 2007 and till now covers multiple software engineering and web development topics like Node.js, Testing, PHP, Docker, Javascript, PHP, and DevOps to name a few. Geshan’s blog is updated consistently and covers practical topics with useful tutorials and easy to follow guides.


32. GermanTechJobs

German tech jobs

GermanTechJobs is a job platform for Software Engineers and a part of the group with SwissDevJobs and DevITjobs.

On their blog, they talk about career topics and write guides like the Guide how to find a job as a Software Developer in Germany.

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