Artificial Intelligence: Why the Future Is Happening Now?


Being quite a synonym to the “future”, Artificial Intelligence has been captivating our minds since 1950s. Not only it is a hot topic among tech-savvy guys, but it also leaked to various science fiction books and movies raising the interest of the whole humanity.

What Is Artificial Intelligence?

So, what is Artificial Intelligence exactly? In a nutshell, AI is a branch of computer sciences aimed at developing computers that are able to perform like people, including, for example, an ability to recognize speech and solve problems. This involves autopilots driving a car or handling an airplane, virtual assistants helping us to find a restaurant for dinner, or even robots able to explore the Mars without putting human at high risk.

Considering potential of the AI technology, no wonder that more and more businesses are implementing it into their products and services. The estimations are very promising, and IDC reports that the AI market is about to grow from $8 billion (2016) to over $47 billion (2020).

Applications of Artificial Intelligence

You have probably seen at least one movie where there is a danger of robots killing human race. While this is obviously a fiction, you cannot deny that AI has already penetrated to our everyday lives. What’s more, it is helping people and businesses to make it all smarter and easier. Thus, if you have an iPhone, then Siri is your pocket AI. Google Now is also a helping hand for many users. Amazon or Spotify recommendation engines have been created using AI programming as well.

There is literally no field where this technology cannot be implemented. Financial institutions apply AI for transaction monitoring, bookkeeping, and managing properties. There is also useful software for personal finance purposes. For example, Wallet.AI claims to build intelligent engine that help people to make smarter financial decisions. Robots are common in heavy industries, occupying positions that can be risky for humans. Health industry is highly interested in AI, as this technology could help to solve problems for people with limited senses. Marketing industry is aiming to automate the writing based on a large amount of data. Thus, Yseop claims that their artificial intelligence software allows to create thousands of content pages per second, as if they were written by human.

No matter how genius AI may seem, its applications are created by no one else, but talented developers. And artificial intelligence programming is itself even more complicated and, at the same time, fascinating.

Development Side of AI

There is a plenty of AI programming languages that developers can choose, among them specialized languages like AIML, IPL, Smalltalk, Haskell, Wolfram, as well as more common ones, such as Python, Java and C++. Some of them are used for general AI development, while others are used for specific AI technologies. If we take Java AI programming, it is mostly used for machine learning, sensor networks and multi-robot systems. And Python is common for natural language and text processing.

Of course, there are lots of tutorials and guides on AI development. However, if you are intending to create an AI product or implement this technology to your business, it is better to hire developers experienced particularly in AI programming and neural networks, having finished projects behind their backs. We at Qubit Labs are ready to help you to hire a talented AI developer. Alternatively, we can open an R&D office for your AI project in Ukraine.

Just consider looking at your startup or company more closely and think: which of the processes could have been automated? How would it reduce your expenses and help stand out among competitors? If you cannot imagine robots in your office space, remember, the future is happening now. You want to be a part of it, don’t you?

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