Angular Developer Salary in The US and Worldwide [2021]

Angular Developer Salary in The US and Worldwide [2021]

Since developing applications with Angular JS is a promising area and keeps gaining popularity, programmers well-versed in the framework are asked for in the market. Google supports the framework and utilizes it in its email and YouTube apps. Lego, Paypal, and Upwork opted for the framework and reaped the benefits soon enough.

Angular has a handful of ready-made solutions and a well-thought-out system for gathering and storing information. This facilitates the design of large websites and provides for reliable functioning. This framework is supported by multiple platforms (web, mobile devices, and native desktop); it is modern, robust, and has an exceptionally developed ecosystem.

Google released eleven versions of the framework so far, and they also have to be considered when it comes to hiring employees. Qubit Labs came up with research on annual Angular developer salary in the world, so let’s cut to the chase.

The Average Angular Developer Salary in the World



As per our research, a mid-level Angular salary in the US is around $112,125 per year, which is the highest in the world. In Canada, an average Angular developer earns around $92,500 annually. Angular JS developer salary in Australia is $73,657 for a mid-career specialist. In Europe, an average Angular programmer is paid $57,236 per annum.

According to PayScale, the average annual Angular salary is $71,746 per year. Angular developer salary entry level starts from $52,000, and the most experienced programmers earn around $91,000 per annum: reports that in Canada, the entry level positions offer $71,500, going up $120,000 per year for senior level developers:

Now, let’s take a closer look at Angular developer salary in the United States.

What is the Average Angular Developer Salary in the US?

San Diego$122,195
New York$118,946
Los Angeles$103,808


In our sampling, San Diego, New York, and Washington are the top 3 best-paid cities for Angular developers. There, salaries range from $122,195 to $108,529.

  • The average Angular software developer San Diego salary is $122,195.
  • New York pays Angular developers a salary of $118,946.
  • In Washington, mid-level Angular programmers are paid around $108,529.
  • Angular developer salary in Dallas reaches $105,411 per year.
  • The average Angular developer Los Angeles salary is $103,808.
  • A mid-level Angular programmer earns $103,232, while a senior Angular developer salary Austin is around $113,118.
  • In Chicago, the average Angular salary is $90,416.

Angular Developer Salary in Europe 2021



  • The highest Angular web developer salary in Europe is offered in Switzerland, which is $108,355 per year.
  • In the UK, mid-level Angular programmers earn $68,975.
  • Germany offers $63,250 annually to mid-level Angular developers.
  • The average Angular salary in Denmark is $61,776.
  • In Sweden, the mid-level Angular programmer salary reaches $58,397.
  • The Netherlands pays on average $58,278 to Angular specialists.
  • Middle Angular developers in France earn $56,076.
  • The average Angular salary in Finland is $54,519.
  • Spain pays $40,389 to Angular programmers.
  • Angular developer salary in Estonia is $37,867.
  • In Ukraine, Angular developers earn $21,720 on average.

What is Angular Developer Salary in the UK? 

In London, the UK, a 1 year experience Angular developer salary starts from approximately $48,226. Meanwhile, a senior Angular 2 developer salary is about $103,342. In Manchester, a mid-level programmer earns $55,172, while in Belfast – $35,259. Edinburgh pays $40,684 on average, and in Glasgow, Angular developers are paid $51,899.

Germany Angular Developer Salary

Entry-level Angular developers in Berlin, Germany, earn around $55,254 per year. As for the senior Angular 4 developer salary, it varies from $74,095 to $84,425. In Frankfurt, the salaries start from $40,000 for entry-level developers, $57,600 for mid-level specialists, and $75,437 for senior Angular programmers.

Salary for an Angular Developer in Sweden

In Sweden, junior Angular developer salary starts from $36,000 to $39,000. Meanwhile, senior-level programmers earn $70,521 to $82,230. To be more precise, in Stockholm, an average salary is $58,212, and in Malmo – $47,341.

What is Angular Developer Salary in the Netherlands?

Angular web developer salary in the Netherlands for an entry-level position is $33,000-$43,000. In Amsterdam, the most experienced programmers that specialize in the mentioned framework earn around $63,000-$81,000. As for Rotterdam, the wages start from $35,000-$40,000, and reach $65,000-$78,000.

Angular Developer Salary in Ukraine in 2021

In Ukraine, junior Angular developers’ salary varies from $10,800 to $14,440. At the same time, the senior Angular developer salary is multiple times higher, from $18,000 to $45,600. Actually, local wages are lower than in other European countries, and Angular 4 developer salary in India is almost on the same level as Ukrainian. However, it’s more about affordability rather than low quality. If you hire Angular developers in Ukraine, you will be pleasantly surprised with their professional approach to work and readiness to finish the project of any complexity level.

Average Angular Developer Salary Compared to Other Frameworks

Most often, Angular is used alongside React and Vue. In the US, the salaries of mid-level specialists for these frameworks are the following:

Angular – $112,125. They vary from $57,500 to $145,500.

React – $119,251. They vary from $45,500 to $177,500.

Vue – $116,615. They vary from $43,500 to $159,000.

Check out our article to look at the React vs Angular comparison and find out what to opt for.

To Wrap Up

Our research proves that the highest Angular developer salary is in the US, $112,125, and the lowest – in Ukraine, $21,720. You can take advantage of remote work and outsource Angular projects to Ukraine. Qubit Labs will be there to help with finding top-notch developers, managing processes, and ensuring you receive the best solutions. Feel free to contact us to schedule a meeting and discuss your ideas in detail.

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