The third millennium changes the way people interact with the surrounding world. New technologies enter our everyday life at a cosmic speed and modify the quality of living to a whole new level that we only start to appreciate. The agribusiness is not an exception. A couple of last decades made a drastic change in agro-tech. From a way to water and feed up your flower pots to a whole new way of harvesting – technology can change everything.


Qubit Labs is an Estonian Software Development House with R&D office in Ukraine that works side by side with agro companies from Australia, USA, Canada, and Europe. We help create new farm management apps . We are a responsive, agile team that is head over heels with modern cutting edge technologies and exquisite taste in design. We pride ourselves to be fundamental in our work and bring farm software development to the highest standards.


No matter if you want to make a smart sprinkle for the tomatoes on your windowsill, so you could take care of your mini-garden via a mobile app when you are away or if you are a large agribusiness willing to control your livestock and plants on the fields, Qubit Labs will be your reliable assistant in engineering innovative products. Protein producing and processing, animal health providing, grain originating, agriculture retail and cooperating, all these industries are on the verge of a breakthrough. Qubit Labs team can share its expertise with you to set the trends in agro-tech.

IoT is a new way of doing anything. We are thrilled with smart houses and smart wearables. However, imagine the impact IoT can cast on the agro-tech scene. Millions of connected data sources coming from your smart devices on your farm or in your fields can change the way you do business. We can help you make your products smart using embedded engineering and create dynamic web and mobile apps to control them.

Big Data is a new black. Lots of industries are highly affected by Big Data Revolution, and agribusiness is not an exception. Big Data technology helps collect terabytes of different information, process it in real time and make analytic reports. You will be able to analyze the indicators relevant to your business and react to them fast. The International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) expects up to a 100% increase in agro products demand by 2050 in comparison with 2010. To satisfy this demand, agribusiness needs increase all factors of productivity through a combination of science, analytics, and technology.

Year by year Ukraine takes one of the first places in the export of grain, corn, sunflower oil and other agricultural products. Our R&D office is situated in Ukraine. This gives us ability to use the experience of Ukrainian R&D and Scientific Institutes and vast territories with different climate conditions and soils where our engineers can test their products at reasonable price. This is a great chance to get the access to a tremendous expertise gathered in one of the most fertile areas in the world.

With an advent of smart technologies farmers no longer need to worry about difficulties of irrigation or spraying since unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) or drones can do this work easily and cost-effective. Drone software allows to fulfil as complex tasks as soil analysis or scanning crops for possible pests or fungal infections. Modern agribusiness is becoming more eco-friendly as cheaper monitoring that agricultural drones conduct prevents pesticide overuse.


Qubit Labs is a full-cycle software development company. This means we can take your idea and transform it into a ready product with the help of our concerned departments. Qubit tech team can write technical documentation for you, do project management, UI/UX design, software development, hardware development, and quality assurance.


If you are working on developing a smarter way of agriculture or just think of creating a new software product or hardware, Qubit Labs team will be your reliable partner on the road to successful implementation of your innovation. Let’s meet and discuss your requirements and how Qubit Labs can be of assistance to your agro-tech company. Don’t hesitate to get a helpful team of competent engineers at your disposal right now.