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6 Tips to Outsource Agile Software Development Smartly

Julia Kravchenko
6 Tips to Outsource Agile Software Development Smartly


Call the Bluff of a Software Development Vendor

Your workload is increasing more and more? Attracted by the idea of saving the strength for your direct responsibilities? So tired that you even agree to outsource some tasks? And eventually you arrive to a decision to hire a helper. Qubit Labs absolutely agrees that every person should do his/her own work instead of being Jack-of-all-trades, but it often happens that agile software development assistant creates even more problems you’ll have to sort out on your own. Here we’ve got 6 tips that may help you to choose the right agile software development outsourcing partner.

Choose the best-working software development company website. If you’re outsourcing agile software development the first thing you should check is the website of your vendor. In modern world the shoemaker’s children wouldn’t go barefoot. They would become a part of advertising company, right? So, quality of your partner’s website sells his/her services. If they don’t have skills to make it bug-free how can you entrust them your project?

Communication does matter. Take a minute to call your future vendor. E-mails as well as social networks are faceless and lack personality so we’d advise to think over the opportunity of real communication with a real human. How can it help? First, ask questions and find out if an agile software development outsourcing company is confident about their products and solutions it offers. Second, listen to the language your partner speaks. Poor communication leads to misunderstandings, and as a result the project fails.

Find an account manager you feel comfortable to work with. When you’re sure that language barrier won’t be an obstacle on your way it’s time to talk with an account manager, who will lead you through their software development services in future. All of us hate annoying shop assistants trying to first-talk you into buying goods you don’t need. Be careful with accounts that aggressively want to sell you more and more fishy services.

Beware of cheapness. Don’t be tempted by the low cost of software development outsourcing services. Special offer usually means that at least one party will lose – either it’s you who will lose the quality of a developed product or it’s a worker who will find him/herself underpaid.

Mind time zones. Those people who are impatient as well as those dealing with urgent matters have to think twice before addressing to an mobile apps and software development outsourcing company in a distant country. It’s better to consider nearshoring in this case. However, if your business is able to meet the deadlines regardless of time zones feel free to try. Just apply a proper team management and arranging tie for meeting and discussions.

Read the contract attentively. Everybody knows that the tinier is the font, the more important the issue is. What if your vendor says they don’t sign any agreements or NDAs? Time to rat out! By hiring such a vendor the only thing you can get is a terrible headache and not a high-quality software development.

Our team hopes that these tips will come in handy to you and you’ll be able to protect yourself from a vendor that can let you down.


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