14 Necessary Node.js Tools for Developers

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One of the famous must-have platforms for software developers in JavaScript is Node.js. You might wonder, “what is Node.js good for?” To answer this question, let’s start with a quick recap of this technology. Ryan Dahl introduced it in 2011,

and despite being relatively new, the Node.js development environment is rapidly evolving and has gained popularity among professionals. Node.js web framework includes everything required for the implementation of a program written with JavaScript.

Actually, Node.js developers can write complete apps utilizing the framework. As for “how to use Node.js,” it, like JavaScript, runs in V8. It is a runtime that translates what a developer has written into machine code, which is a set of direct instructions for a computer that does not require interpretation. The usage of Node.js web frameworks is becoming popular day by day thanks to their flexibility, efficiency, and reliability.

Usually, it is used to develop e-commerce, streaming, and I/O intensive web applications like PayPal, eBay, Netflix, and LinkedIn. According to the Stack Overflow Survey, held in 2018, 46.6% of developers prefer Node.js web framework over other ones. Such popularity can be easily explained. How? The thing is that this tool adds a backend to the fully front-end language. Therefore, as mentioned, it allows you to create websites and full-fledged applications without using a browser. Importantly, Node.js licensing is implemented because open source projects are reused, and files and various code fragments are added.

Thus, Node.js developers demand less time for achieving targeted goals, and low-level codes become faster and more convenient. Yet Node.js allows you to work with server technologies and implement interactive work exploiting users’ computer capacities. One of the most significant advantages of the platform is asynchrony, combined with an event-driven approach.

When thousands of people are connected to the server at the same time, it is easier for Node.js libraries to handle the load since there is no need to create a separate thread for each connection. Appropriate resource allocation helps to handle more connections. Therefore, this model is ideal for creating a chatbot or using it in an online game. Let’s have a look at 14 essential tools in the Node.js development environment.


It’s an assertion tool that allows natural language constructs to be used when developing tests. The library supports a variety of check functions. Its advantage is in the ability to pair the tool itself with any Node.js testing framework. The developers can choose the most convenient interface among those suggested to improve the performance and efficiency, changing language and readable styles.


This tool is in demand among other free software developing tools, being an open-source system. Currently, it’s a leader in Node.js top 10 tools in the field of control version distributed systems. It is implemented to manage the data of projects with unrivalled efficiency, data integrity, and speed. The emphasis of this source code management system is on security and responsiveness.


It is another efficient tool as it enables a simple API for creating websites, Node.js apps, and backends. Node.js developers prefer it because it offers a small structured, yet flexible interface. Also, there is an opportunity to scale Koa and use it per one’s needs.


Mocha is a popular Node.js testing framework used for the organization and launch of test files. It has numerous functions, like simple support of asynchrony and exploitation of any assertion library.


It’s often when Node.js developers focus on multiple processes like managing servers, ongoing operations, deployment, or scaling. To avoid such dissipation of attention, the Heroku platform enables specialists to concentrate on the code of their applications. This tool is available both in free and paid versions that allow deploying data from local computers to servers. Being open-source software, the necessary code is mostly available on its GitHub page.

Visual Studio Code

Being compatible with several operating systems, including Windows, Linux, and macOS, the tool is considered to run on the best Node.js framework. What distinguishes Visual Studio Code from other Node.js editors is that it is an open-source editor with terrific node.js support. Debugging, git support, and a vast library combined with the ability to operate without additional extensions, solely with JS, are the benefits of Visual Studio Code. They enable it to be the most popular developer environment tool, used by 50.7% of employees in their Node.js projects.


This framework is one of the demanded Node.js alternatives utilized instead of WordPress. It enables the easy creation of dynamic projects with well-structured routes and templates.


It is an asset for Node.js apps that offers the possibility to invoke plugin layout. It understands what files have to be monitored and will only rebuild those that need it.


Speaking of a Socket.io tester, it provides real-time two-way communication between web-clients and servers. In general, an average Node.js developer applies it for developing RTA apps, like messengers, push-notifications, and online games.


This tool has multiple functions for back-end and front-end development and managing databases. It enables rapid development of web and mobile apps. All the database changes are instantly transmitted to the user interface and back, making it possible to create a top-notch Node.js website application.

Sublime Text

This top-rated website development tool offers editing codes utilizing accessible functionalities. You can use shortcuts to jump to particular words and symbols.


A specialist who has an abundance of Node.js projects can apply this tool for one’s application as it has the necessities for developing client and server-side applications. A Node.js developer can select from several instruments and implement existing features.

IntelliJ IDEA

Among other software developing tools, this one is thought of as the most convenient and smart environment that supports the latest technologies and frameworks. It promotes integration with Node.js apps’ services.


Being ide for Node.js, this tool enables to launch, debug, and develop codes via the browser. It includes pre-installed instruments required for various programming languages. This prevents users from installing programs or customizing development systems before starting new projects. Besides, you can quickly connect other specialists to the environment, work from any place thanks to cloud technology, and effectively define resources.

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